Reservation only if your parents and grandparents have not used it before

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India has been struggling with the evils of caste system for a while now .For centuries certain sections of hindu society were oppressed ,exploited and deprived of opportunities to get educated and join the main stream beurocracy by the upper caste hindus  .The reform introduced by Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar while laying down the constitution of India was to give reservation to the deprived section of society in educational institutions and public sector jobs for next 10 years .Every decade during census the status of the deprived class is reiterated to see if reservation has to be continued or not.Even after 70 years we were not able to improve living conditions of the lower caste society rather reservation has just created a reef between the harijans and upper caste The upper caste  young student feel they go through a biased selection process and thus a feeling of animosity or envy take home in there mind which comes out as unfavourable social boycott and discrimination  for the  benifited harijan candidate thus dividing the society further .The reason that condition  of the harijans has not improved over so many decades is because families from the community who have already reaped the benifits of reservation use it again and again over the time depriving the actual suffering harijans from still improving their situation and in process we also lose deserving people from upper caste to foreign countries.My suggestion is to amend the reservation bill stating that"An individual is entitled to exercise reservation irrespective of their caste if their parents or paternal grandparents have not exercised  it yet ." This would give opportunity to people who are actually deprived of opportunites irrespective of their caste thus eventually ending reservation and caste based classification in future India

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