Reservation only for genuine and needy citizen.

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Respected President\Prime Minster Sir,

Just to make you aware and in fact you must be knowing most of the things which i want to put here because i may not be the first person to address the issue of reservation.

Reservation is thorny topic to discuss and so many political parties try to avoid.

Even after 70 years of independence we are still stuck with this issue which actually is big barriers for development of our contry.

Even after providing reservation we are not able to bridge the gap between rich and poor.

Just to add here is all backward categories people are not poor but still they are taking advantage of reservation and all general category people are not rich and are deprived of reservation.

I liked the idea of what Mohan Bhagwat ji said, Remove reservation on the basis of caste and let us provide reservation on the basis of economics status of family.

Just to add more if any family earning above 3 lakh and who fall under tax, then his family members should not be given reservation irrespective of their caste of creed.

There can be little exception given for handicapped or for soldiers or needy person.

What we are seeing in today's day is every community is asking for reservation and we have witnessed so much hartal and shutdown.

I am not against the reservation but even poor people in general category or in other category are not benefiting out of it.

Reservation is liabilities for India and budder for all tax payers.

Stop reservation for all and only provide it to needy poor citizen.

Every problem has solution and even Dr. Ambedkar ji never had demanded reservation for the poor for the life time and so with this idea I want to see my country free of  Reservation.


Ambikprasad Pandey.