Repeal the draconian Indian farm bills

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The Honourable President of India
Rashtrapati Bhawan
New Delhi

Respected Sir,

We, the Revolutionary Youth Front (RYF), West Bengal State Committee, firmly believe that the recently enacted farm laws were passed to facilitate the aggression to satiate the excessive greed for profit-maximisation of the corporate sector. These new farm laws mortgage the fate of our country's agricultural industry to the whims and fancy of a few carefully selected private corporations of ill repute. This is why lakhs of farmers across the country have launched a peaceful, democratic movement demanding immediate revocation of these anti-farmer and anti-people laws.

Sir, it is common knowledge of every Indian that our country's farming community braved all the odds to register a positive growth even at this sordid hour of unprecedented economic recession and pandemic crisis. The agitating farmers are of the firm opinion that the recently enacted laws are detrimental to the very existence of such a storied and robust community. These laws will also severely compromise the food security of ordinary Indians. It is quite distressing to note that while lakhs of farmers are committing themselves to the cause of self-reliance of the country, the Home Ministry of India is unleashing heinous attacks, including physical violence, on their peaceful democratic movement.

We fervently request your wise intervention to redress the impasse created by the actions of the Central Government of India.

We also urge you to advise the Central Government to withdraw the new anti-people Electricity Amendment Bill that encroaches upon States' rights in favour of centralisation and corporatisation of the power sector.