Remove caste based reservation from India!

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Caste based reservation system is an affirmative action program for protecting the oppressed castes of India from caste based discrimination. It is nothing but the ill fate of  General Category candidates that they are born in this cruel country where talent defines nothing in front of is a detrimental to society, spreading hatred and creating inequality in society, which is exactly contradictory to the cause of its origin. This caste based reservation depicts that the lower caste candidates are not capable to do anything in this country, which is totally wrong! God made all of us equally capable to achieve anything we aim. Everyone is born intelligent and have their own capabilities irrespective of their caste or religion. 

 We always say that Caste System is bad and we oppose it, but at the same time by providing reservation on caste basis, we are re-enforcing it. 

When reservation on caste basis was introduced initially, our leaders had recommended that it should prevail for few years only, to take care of deprived and underprivileged section of society during that time, and remove disparity in society. But now situation in society is changed and is different. It is 70 years since Independence and caste based reservation is still existing and spreading like Cancer in our society.

Reservations effect the country's capabilities badly and stands as a big barrier on it's road to become a developed nation.The deserved ones are being ignored and the reserved ones take their place! Those so called "general caste" people who are able to  create a better nation are not able to get to that powerful position and who says that reserved class people are not capable?Those so called "reserved caste" people have set their mentality in that way and and nothing else. They know that their seat is reserved . They will definitely get a government job and that is what prevents them from working hard.Who would want to work if he/she is guaranteed a better future ? That’s what is happening in our country now.

If at all reservation should exist, it should be purely on economical basis and not on Caste or minority basis. Few years back reservation was provided to Jain Community on minority basis. Jain community are considered to be one of the richest community in India, and yet reservation was provided to them. Rather than providing reserved jobs and seats in various institutes there should be economical benifits to them such as tax relaxation, subsidised LPG, lower Electricity charges, housing facilities and free education in any school or College 

So ii hereby request the Government of India to take up this matter on priority and remove this menace. We the people understand that it would not be feasible to remove this in one stroke, but it certainly could be removed over a period few years. We need a definite commitment and action plan from Government for removal of this caste based reservation.