Public assets must not be named after a politician

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These public assets are named after Nehru family.

12 Central and 52 state schemes, 28 sports tournaments and trophies, 19 stadiums, 5 airports and ports, 98 educational institutions, 51 awards, 15 fellowships, 15 national sanctuaries and parks, 39 hospitals and medical institutions, 37 institutions, chairs and festivals and 74 roads, buildings and places
Total: around 450

A big list of national assets, schemes, awards etc are named after just a single (Nehru) family. Public assets are property of people of this country. These assets are not created by the this family property. This country is ruled most of the time after independence by Nehru family (and their dynastic political party congress) because of this so many public assets are named after them. Similarly many assets in Haryana are named after Mr Chautala family. Tomorrow another politician, political family or political party may rule country and start naming public assets in their name. People have been fooled for long but now people of this country have started questioning these.

Let parliament pass a rule of not naming an public assets after a politician and remove all existing politician names. Only allowed names can be of father of nation (Mahatma Gandhi), our freedom fighters,  great heroes, great martyrs, icons of this country (like Shivaji, Maharana Pratap).

My college name is after a businessman who had donated a big money so an option can be given if someone donates say 40% cost of scheme, institution and whole cost of a trophy then can be named after him/her. It may fetch some good money for social cause.

It will start a good practice of fetching money for public cause, give equal opportunity to all citizen and save country assets not be named after some politician.