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Humilitation and Exploitation of Aviation Technician in Defence

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Active                   : 01 November 1986 present

Role                       : Tactical air transport, assault duties and anti-tank warfare, reconnaissance, liaison, disaster relief, MEDEVAC(Medical Evacuation)  and CSAR.

Aircraft Flown:  HAL Rudra, HAL Light combat helicopter, HAL Dhruv, HAL Chetak, HAL Cheetah and   Cheetal.

Training          : It is sad to know that the simulator is unserviceable from July 2012. Unfortunately aviators had no requirements for simulator training. As per CAR,DGCA aviator should complete stipulated simulator hrs before he has been licensed for flying.



When the army aviation was raised its structure was as follows:

A) Technical manpower:

Engineering officers, technicians to be provided by EME (Electronics  Mechanical  Engineers) corps. Engineeringg officers (EO) were posted at nearest EME batallian & attached in Army aviation squadrons.

 B) Administrative manpower

Other Ranks (ORs) for administrative works were provided by other units. They were attached here for two years.

Now, ORs posted for administrative (ADM) works are remusted permanently  in AAC Army Aviation Corps. Separate officers are posted here to perform logistic & quarter master duty. Engineering Officers(EO) from EME corps are posted in Army aviation squadrons. Engineering officers who are performing duties of Flight commander of Maintenance Flight send false quarterly reports to Army HQTG (EME) that “No technicians is utilized for administrative works” because their ACR report required for further promotion is under control of aviators.

 Aviators had restructured Army Aviation in the intention to convert the activities, culture, routine, atmosphere upto the extent level that will please them & their all personal tasks will be accomplished . It jeopardizes flight safety. As Aviators & Engg officers(EO)  had came from infantry & corps their efforts are not towards to adjust accordingly organization needs to maintain the aviation flight safely measures; but to change it as they lived and were used to live in past.

                Modus operandi of Aviators is to divide all administrative duties (as explained in Appx A attached herewith) to technicians  50 % & 50 %  to administrative(ADM) ORs (who are posted to do all that.)This results in increased workload of technicians along with their authorized charter technical works.

Pen picture of administrative duties should be:

1.                   Kote,  2.Cook house, 3.QM store,4.Security

Aviators are misusing ORs posted for administrative duties such as follows:

1)                  For Squadron Commander(CO) : Cook, Sahayak(Helper/Buddy) ,ORs detailed for working, Driver, Masalchi(Master Cook), Dak (Mail) Rider DR, Runner /orderly.

2)                  For flight commander: cook, driver, runner / orderly, DR, helper.

3)                  Remaining Aviators: Helper for each.

4)                  Regimental Police RP section : It’s created for CO’s personal needs for ex. Garden at living premises & Office maintenance, purchase of his personal goods from markets; escort his wife while going to markets on government vehicle Gypsy.

5)                  Officer mess: Cook, Special Cook, stewards, liquor bar in charge, guest room in charge.

More ORs are engaged for their personal works. Rest of the details is explained in Appx A. Finally approximately 40% ORs are misused.

Helper/buddy Duties by ORs

Following tasks of aviator are to be performed by helper/buddy:

Polishing Shoes, purchasing vegetables/grocery, baby sitter, dog handling, maintain their gardens along with ORs sent for working there, waiter duty (serve bed tea, breakfast, lunch, dinner), take clothes to washer man. Some helper/buddy are living at the civil properties of officers as a caretaker of constructed or undergoing construction property.

There is unwritten agreement between officers & JCO s that “JCOs will not resist to misuse ORs for Helper/buddy duties. In return officers had given permission to run JCOs mess which is unauthorized as per army order


1.                   Clerical duties by technicians.

A.Dak/Mail Dispatcher at Squadron headquarters Office, Maintenance flight office,

B. Tool Store correspondence

C. TCR (Technical control Room)

 D. MCC (Maintenance Control Center):Operate projectors in briefing room. Filling Aircraft status & serviceability board at briefing room, flying branch, office of an aviators.

 Derailments from higher formation:-

Railway booing clerk: At PRS (Passenger reservation System) outlet of Indian Railway technicians are performing duties of railway booing clerk.

Flying branch clerk : At flying branch, squadron headquarters, command aviation branch MCC

DR (Dak/mail  Rider) at Stn HQ Any branch at core.

2.                   Labour work by technician : While Collection, loading, unloading :

A >      At ASC Ration depot

a)      50kg sacks of dry ration on backs  sugar, wheat, cereal, rice, salt etc.,

b)      Vegetables, fruit sacks

c)       Barrels of Kerosene, diesel, petrol, ATF

B>           Bricks, cement, soil, Sand while assisting masons, labours of civil contractor.

C>           At ordinance depot:   Clothing, Ammunition, Heavy ammunition rounds of Arty guns            D>    When any officer undergo / come posting receive, unload, shift packing of luggage and      household items.

3.                   Shopkeeper duty by technicians

STD/PCO both operator, CSD canteen in charge/ assistant, Operate grocery, vegetables shop, bakery,  cafe , AWWA vocational training workshop in charge

4.                   Security guard duties.

Aviators had given some DSC guards to higher formation to please them. To recover this

 (& 40% ADM ORs misused )Day/night guard duties at kote, main gates, Officers mess duties are given to technicians.

5.                   Kote NCO

6.                   ORs Mes, JCOs mess commander.

7.                   Cook assistant (Technician)

Assist cook in vegetables cutting & chapatti  making because authorised cooks are extracted by Officers Mess,Sqn Cdr & Flt Cdr residence, JCOs mess.

8.                   Bartender duty by technician

Serve liquor in officer’s mess, JCOs mess, ORs mess.

9.                   Cargo Loader/ unloader: At transit camp technicians are doing cargo loader/manager duties.

10.               Logistic escort:

Technician is detailed for escort  duty  alongwith logistic transport vehicles.

11.               Waiter duty  by technicians on AWWA (Army Wives welfare association) meets, Tea parties of Offices.

12.               LO (Liason Officer) duty by technician:

Receive civilian, guest/Parents of officers from railway stations, airports. Carry their luggage, accompany him.

13.               Peon Duty : Technicians are performing peon duties to serve EO & aviator with files, food, tea, snacks, soup, water etc.

14.               School bus co-driver (Avn Technician)

15.               Temple/Mosque/Church priest  assistant(Avn technician)

16.               Jhadu Pocha ( sweeping & wiping with cloth) by aviation technician

Daily sweeping & pocha (wiping with cloth) floor area of hanger, servicing bays & the area allotted forcefully by squadron headquarters.

Bathroom toilet cleaning :Technicians perform daily cleaning of toilets, bathroom, urinals near hangers, living barracks. Technician sweep & wipeout (pocha) hanger floor area. Although cleaners are posted, they are only performing duties at Aviator’s place(office, living premises, aviator’s mess ).  Cleaner never clean ORs living barracks area, toilets, bathrooms until monthly sanitary inspection is occurred.

17.               Whitewash by technicians

Near Officer’s offices, officer’s mess, hangers, ORs living premises, gardens. There are nearly one lakh bricks (not having any purchase details) regularly are whitewashed.

18.               Grass cutting by technicians

Cutting  of grass near office area, officer’s mess, officer’s living quarters, football ground etc.


OPERATIONAL HAZARD in  Army Aviation Squadron (Cheetah /Chetak, ALH, UAV squadron) :-


1.                    Misuse of aviation technicians had lead to following unauthorized trends for all trades of aviation technicians:

A)                 Aviation technician AIRFRAME:

Make small prototype/replica model of helicopter, reconstruct/restructure crashed HELICOPTER for area in front of officers mess for decorative purpose .

B)                  Aviation technician AEROENGINE:

Refuel all diesel generators.

C)                  Aviation technician ELECTRICAL :

Although Aviation Electricians are trained on DC system, they are utilized for Electrical wiring installation at officer residence place , Electrical decoration at Officer’s mess for parties.. Operate Diesel generator when needed till the party lasts. Due to their so called dedicated work towards master, 70 % honorary ranks of Honorary Lieutenant are taken by Subedars of electrician trade.

D)                 Aviation technician INSTRUMENT:

Photography at anywhere & every parties (Birthday, Anniversary, monthly AWWA meets, monthly sammelan (gathering), dinning in / out party of officer….). At  high altitude areas fetch & deliver small portable oxygen cylinders (used during flight) & mask to aviator’s living premises.

E)                  Aviation technician RADIO :

Installation PA equipments, DJ system, projector for parties. Operate DJ while to make happening party at officers mess. Radio technician is performing tasks which requires 5hrs(FFS/LFS) is accomplished  in 1hrs.

CAR,DGCA INDIA    A.30 (d) Issue 2 dt 08 Oct 2013 : Maintenance man hour plan.



2.                   Torture technicians by following comments in a irritating, cunning voice tone:

“ Jada padhi likhi fauj”(more literate army),

“Jahaj udanewale” (who fly helicopter),

“Mele me aaye ho kya” ( have you come in pilgrim),

“ Guest ho kya yah ape”(are you guest here),

“Administration is superior than technical work”,

ALH aviator says“ marenge  to hum na” (you needn’t worry I will die),

denoting Maintenance Flight as “Majdoor Flight” (Labour Flight),

“ Technical Kam ke alawa kya Jante Ho” (What you kow apart from technical work),

“Jahaj me pocha marnewale” ( Who wipe suface of helicopters).

Please strictly forbid these demoralizing words.


3.                   Aviators misbehave, insult, abuse, and threaten technicians. They take revenge on following situations: Firing, practice camp, ADM inspection, BPET(5km run) , each and every place where they get chance to command. Aviators have started useless competitions: Table-drill competition, BPET competition etc. which increases fatigue & stress

4.                   Interviews before going on TD(Temporary Duty)/ Leave/Course/Sick report:

Aviators  say “Leave is not your right, but is a privilege given by me. Nobody will go for leave more than 3 times a year. Every OR will encash 20 days annual leave. It’s my choice to whom I should give welfare. “Forcefully they encash leave from technician. Sanctioning of leave may take several weeks. ORs proceeding on leave has to take interviews of CO, second in command, Squadron Adjutant, flight commander, Engg Officer. Minimum two days are consumed in whole process

5. . ADM (Administation) /non technical  staff is wandering in hangers & distracting servicing, technical work. Some places they had given powers to make fallin of all technicians at 0800 hrs to distribute manpower for technical work & rest of the technicians do administrative duties.

6. Spying of technicians: Technicians are forced to accommodate  in barracks along with ADM ORs( who are sent for spying).

7.  Although stagger plan is there in tool store, technicians are suddenly sent on temp duty for calibration of SMTs (Special Measuring Tools) without train reservation &  carrying cases

8. Roll calls are done at evening to pass tomorrow’s programs. But they make are very lengthy one hours lectures to demoralize, torture, brainwash, abuse

9.FOR ( Foreign Object Removal) is not done on tarmac in morning before first flight, because technicians are forced to attend morning parades such as PT(Physical Training), grass cutting, Chuna-geru (whitewash), Jhadoo-pocha (Sweeping & wiping surface) etc.,

10.               Aviators having daily half days. No half days are given on Wed & Saturday. Servicing is carried out on Saturday, Sunday. On Sunday / Holiday they engage technicians in fire fighting drill, kote working, centrally roll calls of squadron. No adequate rest is given before /after night duties. After night duty technician has to start technical work at 0800hrs.At some base even FFS (first flight servicing) is also carried out after night duty. PT/Game parade is done only for the intention to extract technicians from hangers & give them labourous, Chuna  geru (whitewash),grass cutting  duties. After game parade technician has to accomplish LFS (Last flight servicing) of helicopter. No leisure time is given.

Policy is simple “ Fauj busy, command easy.”  (Soldiers busy, Command easy).

11. Ground crew room is abolished in ALH Hangers.

12. Gymanisum : Gymnasium in ALH squadron are for officer’s and his family only. Odd time is given for ORs so that they couldn’t reach these

13. Supervisors are not present at time servicing. They are busy in so called dedicated work for aristocracy ie. ADM work: QRT(Quick reaction team), Duty JCO, Duty NCO. LO (Liason officer) duties, officers’s mess lighting decoration before party. Engg officers are absent from hangers due to detailment of court of inquiry, presiding officer of any board from inside of squadron & from higher  formations like core, command.

14. Overtime policy:  Now a day’s overtime policy is became a successful gently weapon to harass technicians. EO, JCO I/c DSS doesn’t break off on right time, but they are wandering in flight commander/ CO office & making time pass. Sometimes 1430hrs is also crossed.


15.ORs malnutrition:

Ration scale isn’t based on calorie basis. Good quality /variety of vegetables /fruits/cereals are diverted to officer mess, JCO mess. QM doesn’t show the actual pure vegetarian strength in the ration indent demand of ASC Supply depot so that maximum ORs are eligible for eggs  & meat. Eggs & Meat is also diverted to officer mess. Unauthorized mess cutting of Rs.180 is colleted from ORs to recover the items ex. Tomato, ginger, garlic ,green chilly, corriander, Lemon sour, good variety vegetables (extracted by Offrs Mess,JCOs Mess). Unauthorized regimental funds are also collected from all ranks. Regimental funds, CSD profit funds are only utilized for officer’s mess (60%) JCO mess (20%). Not a single rupee is given to ORs mess.

16. CSD Audit by CAG(Controller of Auditor General):

How the turnover of CSD(Canteen Stores Department) is more than 400 cores is achieved with only 2000 civilian employees?            

URC (Unit Run Canteen): The liquor demand / collection and distribution has a 60% pilferages. Means supposed for sepoy only two bottle are issue (daily issuing 2 pegs excluding night duty days) and rest of the 3 bottles are misused.

17. Marshalling jacket is of worst quality. Overall, tarmac shoes & marshalling goggles are of poor quality

18. Digital / analog fuel quantity gauges of ATF bowsers are 90% unserviceable everywhere. No Action is taken after reported.

19. Tarmac maintenance is done on papers only. At some base ALG (aircraft landing ground) is cemented tarmac on papers only. In reality, it is only iron channels joined together & covered with sand, grass.

20. Aviators make fake entries of flying although helicopter had not flown for the period mentioned in flight log book.

21. Lady ATC officers are performing  Quarter Master duty (everywhere).ATC  Officer is busy in too much workload that she had no time to sit & monitor ATC clearances.

22. WasherMan (Dhobi) not only wash uniforms of aviators but also civil clothes of aviators & their  wife, children. They only iron uniforms of ORs.

23. Cleaners &  barbers are detailed for helper/buddy duties.

24. Aviators don’t  manoeuvre according to marshaller’s  signals.

25. Technical Training of technician is of worst quality. It was carried out in two shifts. Before/after/during training shift aviation technicians are busy in Jhadu(sweeping), pocha(wiping surface), grass cutting, whitewash, and mess ration working. No sufficient time is given for study.

26. OHR (Operational Hazard Report)

CAR 145 Approved Maintenance Organization by DGCA, INDIA

AMC145 A.60(B) : Occurance Reporting

CAR 145 A.95 :  Finding.

It is a form to be raised for the any fact which could become operational hazard for the airworthiness of helicopter & flight safety measures. In Army Aviation OHR is sent through following aviator’s channel so that voice couldn’t be heard by higher authorities. If anyone sent complains regarding misuse, mist rends in higher formations the situation is little bit of changed for 1year. After that as usual aristocracy is reborn again.

Please authorize sanction the OHR form to be sent by technicians independently as flight safety is inversely propotional to fatigue, stress. Please stop misuse / Mistrends above & Appx ‘A’. Engineering Officer should be posted in nearest EME Battalion & attatched with squadron  so that he can lead a team of aircraft technicians without interference, pressure, harassment, improper trends. Ensure duties are performed according to charter of duties for staff posted in aviation organisation.

CAR 145 Approved Maintenance Organization by DGCA, INDIA

AMC145 A. 60(B) : Occurance Reporting

CAR 145 A.95 :  Finding.

Some extracts from CAR (Civil Aviation Requirements),DGCA

Human Factor means principles which apply to aeronautical design, certification, training, operations/maintenance and which seek safe interface between the human & other system components by proper consideration of human performance.

Human performance means human capabilities & limitations which have an impact on the safety & efficiency of aeronautical operations. Limitation to human performance in the context of planning safety related tasks, refers to the upper & lower limits, and variations, of certain aspects of human performance(Circadian rhythm/24 hours body cycle)which personnel should be aware of when planning work & shifts.

In Indian army technicians are not laborers /employees / workers here. They are called defense service personnel. They feel proud to be called defense service personnel. They are giving our best services to our Nation. Surely  they are not absolutely paid for shameful personal service to officers. Although Aviators are treating technicians like enemies; they expect generous slave enemy should perform Technical work  alongwith all maids like duties.

Since 20 years huge no of Cheetah & ALH  helicopters crashed. Man gets what he works for; it’s a law of attraction. Aviators had got succeeded in converting the flight safety atmosphere to their aristocratic culture but lost the nerve of organization i.e. flight safety. Maximum pilots are overweight. They are paying their deeds. Aviator’s attitude is aimed toward dictatorship surely not towards flying skills. Each crash has a story, if gone thoroughly we conclude that reason behind the crash was human error of pilots. Their attitude lead them towards accident & loss of another pilot, costly government helicopter. They had paid what he seeded. Dictatorship attitude lead him towards accident.

After all management makes man donkey. They are helpless here. Although technicians are carrying out their duties in such a adverse mental & physical surrounding accidents occur because of Aviator’s attitude. No technician in ALH squadrons interested to increase technical proficiency & appear HMT entrance exam. Mass no of Technician had gone on premature retirement since 2004 due to this sick, immoral, no self esteem, apartheid, adamant, slavery atmosphere.

Please abandon Army Aviation from flying so that the rest of the Air traffic & prone lives of civilians along flying path of these suicide flyers shouldn’t become a victim and the air traffic come as per standards stipulated by DGCA, ICAO.


1.Selection process : In America, Officers are selected from Other Ranks/soldiers . In India, Officers are selected directly from college students through NDA,SSC.

2. In India huge difference of pay & allowances, facilities between officer & soldier is present.

3. There is not any JCO (Junior commissioned Officer) rank in developed countries. Upto Brigadier Rank officers &  soldiers having same mess & accommodation facility. So there is good mutual understanding between officers and soldiers.

Indian Army Junior Commissioned Officers are not sergeants or warrant officers as per the British Commonwealth model. Whilst they have come up through the ranks, the appointments that they hold which accords to their actual rank, is that of a commissioned officer. To wit they command rifle or support platoons in the infantry, AFV troops in armored units, quartermasters of units, training appointments etc.

 A regiment (in India, but similar in Pakistan) has a (Regimental or Battalion) Havildar Major, this equates to a RSM in the British Commonwealth system. Companies and their equivalent have Company Havildar Majors. These appointments are not held by JCOs. In India, the JCO holds a Commission granted by the President of the Republic of India, appointing him to the rank of Junior Commissioned Officer (as was under the British - the Viceroy's Commissioned Officer). He is saluted by all subordinate ranks, however the higher level of JCO is not saluted by a Lieutenant who holds the Presidents Commission appointing him to "COMMISSIONED" rank. So a JCO is a man who has a position of authority and command over Non Commissioned men, but, is subordinate to the most junior commissioned officer.

The best way to equate this is with a combination of the American and the French/German systems. The Warrant Officer rank in the US Military is usually held by a technician, to wit helicopter pilot, EOD expert, quartermaster, medical specialist i.e. pathology or radiographer etc, he is classified as officer (not commissioned but holding a warrant), saluted and paid Lt. - Lt. Col. equal rates of, but has no command authority over officers, and only a limited authority over non commissioned ranks. The French/German appointment, has similar appointments, but is a senior NCO (equal to a British Warrant Officer), but they hold the majority of platoon commander (and equivalents) appointments. For example, a rifle company in Germany has a Captain as company commander, 1st Lt as Coy 2IC, and a 2Lt as a Platoon Commander, while the other two or three platoons are commanded by the higher levels of the Senior NCO structure.

With severe shortages, India’s security forces face toughest test with lesser men to guard

The country is not only grappling with staff crunch in defence & paramilitary forces. This comes at a time when India has to defend its large international borders along Pakistan and China. More than 10,000 officers’ posts lie vacant in the armed forces, according to minister for defense Arun Jaitley in a reply to Parliament on July 8,2014. The Indian Army is short of 8,455 officers, the navy 1,672 officers and Indian Air Force has vacancy of 532 officers. Earlier this year, the Standing committee recommmeded a scientific study to find suitable vacancy for filling defense posts. “The committee is dismayed to learn the against the satisfactory picture given by the defense ministry, the three forces are deficient in its strength of officers,” the report has said. With the recruitment process so slow, the question is how long India can continue to brave such shortages. This deficiency is artificially created by lobby of officers of Indian army so that they could demand maximum benefits from define ministry. They hadn’t filled vacancy deficiency 1992.They are endangering Country’s security.                                                              

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