EVM voting system should be stopped, because it is murdering the democracy

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We are Indigenous people  (aborigines) of India. 60 to 80 percent peoples are staying in villages and rural areas. We are not educated enough to vote by machines.

And more Two main points here:

(1) According to the order of Supreme Court of India the Voting machine ought to be give the printed voting paper to voter.

That was not implemented in state elections in  2017 such as  UP election and other states of India.

(2)Second One is...If developed nations are avoiding the Voting machine because they are not reliable to their democracy why Indian govt. use these voting system.

We are forced to vote in EVM  voting machines; which is already managed and corrupted  by current government and election commission. 

Example:- supposed in one villge there is one thousand votes only but EVM machines show there are five thousand votes gained by the candidate. 

Current government and election commission are violatting our human rights and nationality rights.

Voting should be done by Ballot paper.

If it is done then we will be able  to send our community Leader to the government as our representatives. 

Otherwise,  these governments and non-aborigins peoples are completely killing our tribes and communites.