MPs and MLAs Costs and Subsidies.

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India is a poor country. But with 776 MPs in Lok Sabha & Rajya Sabha.Besides we have 4120 MLAs and 462 MLC (total 4582) in states. We pay 2 Lac per MLA/MLC per month, which means 91.64 lacs per month on MLAs or about Rs.1100 crores per annum on MLAs alone and @38.80 lac per month on 776 Mps  means 38.80 lacs per month or 465.60 lacs per year means we spend 1565.60 crores per year on their salaries alone. Similary amount is spent on their residence, travel tours, Medical and other facilities meaning thereby we spend around 3000 crores on these MLAs and MPs for their salary and perques

Besides on their security (average 7 persons 25000x7=1.75 lacs for 4582 MLAs 962.22 crores and 164 crores on MPs for Z category security on these persons we on 16000 persons we spend 776 crores so 776+962+164 approximately 1700 crores.

Total Expenses 3000 +1700=4700 crores. Add pensions payable to them for their life it comes to 9500 crores

What people get in return MPs and MLAs remain absent from the houses and whenever present they fight with each other throwing chairs and mikes. No suggestion comes for improving the life of the people. Whatever they do is to get votes and dividing people in the name of religion colour and caste. 

We pray that the Number of MPs and MLAs be reduced to one third of the total. Their pensions should be done away with. The rule of No work No Pay should be applied to them and those absent from the houses should not be given any salary or perks.Their Salary should be increased as per increase allowed by the pay commission to the Govt Employees.

More so All vacancies on MLAs and MPs should be filled in once in a year in the Month of June only so that the PM and the Party Presidents do not remain on Election compaign throughout the year.