Kathua_law; Death Penalty for raping kids below 14 years, within six months of Conviction

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Increased child rapes in recent times. It's a psychological issue and as a society, we all are contributing towards it through the commercialization of women and a totally irrelevant failed educational system.


We can fight this in two fold 1. A longterm solution: focusing on individual awareness and sensitization which should start from childhood at home and school. Make everyone understand the trauma of the victim/family etc. It will take another 10 to 15 years to give results if we start it now. Snehahriday foundation is in the process towards it.

So we are focusing on 2. short-term solution based on the fear that prevents from doing such heinous crime. Now our judicial system is failing to create such fear as the victims get enough time to find the loopholes and escape from the judiciary. 

There should be a strong law especially for raping kids below 14 years of age should get a death penalty within 6 months of conviction, we calling it Kathua law based on the recent mishappening. We understand that killing anyone is not a solution to any problem, however, if we look at recent past many innocents kids are prey to such heinous crimes. It's not acceptable to let our innocent kids live in such vulnerable cruel society. So there should be a strong law, we suggest to amend the existing POCSO act for this.

Every time after each incident crying for justice won't help us in any way.

So request everyone to sign this petition for the sake of our kids. we will take this to our President, Prime Minister and Chief Justice of India to bring this law into reality.

With strong determination

Snehahriday Foundation, New Delhi.