Justice Ranjan Gogoi should not be made the next Chief Justice of India.

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1) Justice Gogoi as part of the 4 rebel Judges has brought disrepute to the Judiciary and very institution of Supreme Court of India by holding the unprecedented press conference. This was an act of indiscipline and has opened the SC to politicization. A CJI who has  transgressed institutional discipline of the very institution he is going to head is the last thing our country needs.

2) Coming from a well known political family of Assam, where his father was a long standing Minister and also the Chief Minister, his political leanings are understandable. This makes his independence suspect. The CJI occupies one of the highest constitutional offices in our country, he like Ceaser's wife should to be above suspicion.

3) Superseding a Judge of Supreme Court may not be good idea but the SC Collegium while recommending the name of Justice K. M. Joseph has broken this very principle of seniority and are likely to stand by it. It has been observed that seniority cannot be the sole criteria for appointment of Judges to Supreme Court. Hence the same principle should also hold for appointment of CJI. What's sauce for the goose is also sauce for the gander.