Indian public should not pay for Gandhi's lavish residences

Indian public should not pay for Gandhi's lavish residences

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Jay Venkat ने President of India को संबोधित करके ये पेटीशन शुरू किया


The defacto uncrowned eternal Queen, Prince and Princess of India!

She is the Queen of the massive palace in the hearts of Rajdhani!

She is the privileged resident of 10 Janpath for more than 25 yrs.

Originally from a poor family background in Italy, she prospered in India to become world’s fourth richest politician.

She made herself worth $2 billion by being an Indian Politician.

She is none other than Antonia Edvige Albina Maino aka Sonia Gandhi.

Sonia Gandhi, a woman richer than Elizabeth, the Queen of England, has established herself at the residence of 10 Janpath which is bigger than the Prime Minister’s official residence, 7 Lok Kalyan Marg (Previously Race Course Road).

As per an RTI reply, the Congress President Sonia Gandhi’s home is spread over 15,181 square meters.

It is bigger than the Prime Minister’s residence, 7 RCR, which is spread over 14,101 square meters.

The question arises about the justification of this discrepancy.

The president of a crumbling political party occupies a residence bigger than the Prime Minister of India.

There was a poll conducted in this regard by ‘My Vote Today’, India’s leading e-pollster.

The poll asked a question to the public. “With 52 MPs in Lok Sabha, now should Sonia Gandhi have an official bunglaw larger than that of the PM?”

In a democratic country like India, if the opinion of the people matters, then the verdict is clear.

73% voted for ‘No’, 26% said, ‘Yes’ and 1% voted for ‘May be’.

Is this ‘writing on the wall’ enough indication that Sonia should pack her bags and respect the voice of democracy?

In 2013-14, the expenses for the maintenance of electrical fittings at 10, Janpath incurred were 7 times more than the previous year and amounted to Rs 51,43,318.

In 2012-13, it was Rs 7,82,968 and in 2011-12 it was Rs 2,65,681.

The maintenance was done by the same agency for all these three years.

These dubious figures have been revealed by CPWD in an answer to RTI.

These expenses are paid by the Government.

In other words, the expenses for the lavish stay of the Italian Queen are paid by us, the tax-payers!

The bachelor son of Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi doesn’t stay with his mother at 10, Janpath.

I wonder if it is too small for two family members!

He has a separate bungalow allotted to him at 12, Tughlak Lane, which is 5,022.58 square meters in size.

Being the Member of Parliament, it is his right.

But, on moral grounds, can’t Gandhis help to save the tax-payers’ money by some cost.

Funny part is, Sonia Gandhi’s married daughter Priyanka Vadra has also been allotted a bungalow at 35, Lodhi Estate which is 2,765.18 square meters.

Priyanka Vadra is not a MP. But she is a family member of the privileged Gandhis.

Whether in power or out of power, nobody has dared to destabilize Sonia Gandhi from 10, Janpath from last two and half decades.

It’s time we raise our voice against the privileges provided to these fake Gandhis.

It’s our hard-earned money after all, that is going down the gutter!

Let us begin a debate and SPREAD the news.

It looks atrocious in a country where MILLIONS live in penury and PUBLIC MONEY IS SQUANDERED LIKE THIS.

When WE object to MALLYA siphoning public money , this daylight robbery shall not go unchallenged.

A humble request, DO share this!!!�

0 व्यक्ति ने साइन किए। 25 हस्ताक्षर जुटाएं!
25 साइन के बाद इस पेटीशन को लोकप्रिय पेटीशनों में फीचर किए जाने की संभावना बढ़ सकेगी!