Immediate Justice for a 4-year-old girl who was raped and murdered by a 60-year-old man

Immediate Justice for a 4-year-old girl who was raped and murdered by a 60-year-old man

31 July 2019
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Honarable Ram Nath Kovind (President of India) and 4 others
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Why this petition matters

Started by Khavya A​.​R.

The purpose of this signature campaign is to get justice for the 4-year-old little girl, Shanmathi who was recently raped and murdered brutally by a 60 year old man, Meenakshi Sundaram.

Shanmathi respected him as her grandfather till the day she died. Being their neighbour as well as their relative, Shanmathi’s family would visit Meenakshi Sundaram and his wife Rajammal, often for getting blessings on auspicious days. Her entire family trusted them as their own family members. Whenever those old brutes felt ill, Shanmathi’s mother wouldn’t hesitate to be at their service by preparing them food, giving medicines and home remedies. And is this how those old bastards repay them???

What happened on the day?

On that day (27th June 2019), Shanmathi’s mother, Senthamil Selvi was planning to take Shanmathi and her brother for tuition class but since Shanmathi was not feeling well, she left her at home, turned on the television, took her brother and went. When she came back, baby Shanmathi was missing. The entire neighbourhood was searching for the baby girl, Shanmathi including Meenakshi Sundaram and his wife, Rajammal. One of the neighbour suggested reaching out to the police department as they couldn’t find her. Immediately Meenakshi Sunadaram rejected that idea but still someone contacted the police. As soon as the police came onsite, Rajammal disappeared and Meenakshi Sundaram was consistently on phone. Police found the brutally raped murdered body of the little girl Shanmathi in a rice sack inside the bucket in their own bathroom. The unfortunate father, Rajendran ended up in opening the sack and found their baby doll, Shanmathi’s body with nail scratches all over the body, her bloody nose, mouth, cracked back of the head with blood, and her mouth was stuffed with half of a samosa. The entire neighbourhood burst into tears. The police dog went straight to Meenakshi Sundaram’s house right after smelling the body. The police found one of baby Shanmathi’s ear rings on his bed, her broken bangles, half samosa, Meenakshi Sundaram’s bloody dhoti, and blood in his bathroom. One of the neighbours, who didn’t want to come to the court as a witness said that Rajammal took Shanmathi to their home after Shanmathi’s mother left.
Later, the vicious 60-year-old himself agreed to the police that he was the one behind this brutal scene and narrated everything that happened. My hands here are trembling as I’m typing about this merciless act that had happened to that tender girl. Without even pausing for a minute thinking about the baby, he brutally raped her and murdered her.

What is going on now?

The accused Meenakshi Sundaram has been arrested under the POCSO act (the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences). But he is claiming privileges in the name of a heart patient as he had gone through a heart by-pass surgery. Can a person with heart issues be able to pitilessly rape and murder a young girl?

What should happen?

1.       The rapist and murderer Meenakshi Sundaram should not be given privileges in the name of a heart patient.
2.       His wife Rajammal who was also equally involved in this merciless crime should also be arrested under the POCSO act.
3.       Both of them should be given Capital punishment as early as possible. 

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Signatures: 1,43,559Next Goal: 1,50,000
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Decision Makers

  • Honarable Ram Nath KovindPresident of India
  • Honarable Edappadi K PalaniswamiChief Minister of Tamil Nadu
  • Edappadi K PalaniswamiHonorable Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu CM Cell
  • Honorable Supreme CourtSupreme Court of India
  • Honorable Madras High CourtRegistrar General