Help save the homes of 1.25L "LIG" people from the demonic clutches of GNIDA.

Help save the homes of 1.25L "LIG" people from the demonic clutches of GNIDA.

5 September 2019
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Why this petition matters

Started by Abhinav Dhar


 We, the residents of village shahberi, Noida Extension, Sector 4, Gautam Buddh Nagar are in a state of shock and helplessness after GNIDA got a sort of threat published in local newspapers that our homes are unauthorised/illegal and are to be demolished with the use of dynamite and an agency has been hired to carry out this exercise.


The construction work started way back in 2009 and has been going on since then and so has been the sale/purchase in accordance with all the obligatory legal parameters. At the time of purchase, we had verified the authenticity of the property by checking mutation documents and also online verification of the same on the official web portal of GNIDA for any red flags pinned to any of the khasra numbers of the concerned vicinity and found everything legal about the land and the buildings in question. In addition to that we approached GNIDA for further verification and also for approval of the buildings' designs/maps but the officials there said that it was free hold land and out of their jurisdiction. We could thus go right ahead with the purchase provided the building designs were approved by the concerned authorities. At that point of time the designs were approved by village panchayats and district panchayats. In and around 2017-2018, the above mentioned panchayats were nullified at the behest of the same GNIDA and since then, there have been no panchayati elections in shahberi and the adjoining 200+ villages. The building designs still needed to be drawn by competent/authorised agency or person so for that engineers & architects were hired and buildings constructed as per their specific drawings, then the banks approved finance after their legal teams (on a charge of 15-25 thousand) verified these properties as per their procedure and finally tehsil charging a 5% stamp duty registered these properties in our names. We have a lot of supporting docs too. For example, in spite of living in a rural area, we are paying our electricity bills as per urban tariff structure. We cannot mention all the documents over here due to the constraint of word limits.

Now, GNIDA having woken up from their 11 years of slumber during which time these buildings were mushrooming, is making bizarre claims. Accordingly, 

1. All the construction in Shahberi have been declared illegal/unauthorised because no maps have been approved by GNIDA. 

2. GNIDA claims that there is a stay imposed by the high court on this land so it's illegal but to counter that fallacious claim we have a 400 page file of the entire court proceedings and verdicts awarded by various honourable courts and there is nothing in those 400 pages to support their claim.

3. These buildings are unsafe and they are mobilising fire department to carry out a survey to ascertain the safety of the dwellers stating that the fire safety norms haven't been followed. The norms they are talking about,

i, Narrow roads. The minimum width of the roads over here is 20 ft which is more than enough for a fire fighting vehicle to make their way through.

ii, Fire alarms, 3-4" flexible pipes with adequate water supply. we are asking where in the entire Nation are these provided in low rise LIG housing, not even those constructed by the GNIDA itself.

iii, Unstandard material used and flawed  structural designs. GNIDA for the very purpose have hired engineers from IIT Delhi to carry out a safety audit of all the buildings of Shahberi and this is the most hillarious part of the nefarious designs of GNIDA.It's like getting dipawali rockets tested by ISRO!

What a joke! 

So, our point here on behalf of 25,000 families adding up to about 1.25L people residing in Shahberi is that there is a huge conspiracy and a scam of thousands and thousands of crores brewing up in Greater Noida West being drafted by GNIDA at the behest of a very powerful, influential lobby.

We, the residents, are victims of all sorts of pressure tactics, intimidation and deception by GNIDA and to add to our pain and grief, we are being subjected to long power cuts to make our living uncomfortable and still more to come which will make this place unlivable.

The implications of this intended demolition drive by GNIDA will render 1.25L people homeless overnight to face the wrath of the raw elements without a shelter over our heads. As we all belong to a lower income group, we cannot even in the wildest of our dreams think of buying another house and most of us can't even afford a rented accommodation.

Hence my humble appeal to all my friends and all the fellow countrymen, think a while, get a picture of our plight and support this petition and garner all the possible support  through any medium for the genuine cause of 1.25L victims of the corrupt system.

Thank you.

Sangharsh Samiti Shahberi.

Greater Noida West.Gautambuddh Nagar.UP.


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Signatures: 216Next Goal: 500
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