Fight against the terrorism in the name of religion and arrest culprits.

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Religions are originated by different people at different circumstances based on type and culture. But the main aim is to unite in front of God. 

All religions are preaching the God as love and unity. No religion is saying to harm the human in the name of God. Religion shall be used to keep the people in good faith. 

Its a fact that there have been multiple religious riots and religious tensions can flare up with the blink of an eye in some parts of the country. Its a fact that there are people who have abused religion for their own selfish gains, causing hurt to millions.

Yet, deep inside, people of all religion share a bond which goes back centuries, where people both Hindus, Muslims & Christians have lived together and been a part of each others’ daily lives. These same people fought alongside each other in Independence movement for many decades; these same people helped each other’s families when natural disasters stuck and government help was always days, if not weeks and months away.

Many generations grew up together without witnessing so much as a single incident knowing that there is only each other for support.

Each religion has got equal freedom guaranteed by the Constitution of India. Individuals are free to practice any religion of their choice and largely people don’t object.

Its common to hear Muslim prayers being recited on the loudspeaker from nearby Mosque in Hindu areas and vice versa. It is not uncommon for Hindus, Sikhs, Muslims and Christians to use greetings from each other’s language. Hindus can and do say ‘Salaam Waleikum’ almost as frequently as Muslims say ‘Namaste’.

It is fairly common to see people celebrating festivals from other religions. Every major festival, be it Eid or Holi or Diwali or Christmas or Guru Purab is celebrated with fervor and joy. There is another reason for this - generally India’s large middle class population and millions of school going children get a Holiday on all major festivals which helps create a common message that all people can relate to.

Few leaders are publicly addressing and initiating the violence to get own benefit out of it. They are trying to utilise the illiterate and poor people for initiating violence activities.

Now, the wrong person are using this religious affairs as a weapon to divide and keep partiality between people those are living peacefully as brothers & sisters, through violation for their (wrong person) own benefits.

Originally, the people those who are fighting will not get any special benefits, but may keep the community in tense around them.

Hence, it's required to arrest such kind of wrong person immediately without further delay to avoid further violation. Also, public speech to initiate the religious violation shall be banned to keep unity in diversity.

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