Ensure safety and security to our daughters in the streetsof India

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Every day, our daughters are being molested on the streets. Recently, a 6-month-old child was thrown from an auto just to get access to her 29 year old mother. The child died. The mother was gang raped. Many such incidents are happening and everyday we pray that this does not happen to us.. how long?

India is a country full of resources. We have great statesmen, politicians, leaders along with great administrators, lawmakers, economists, psychologists, philosophers and also great musicians, poets and authors of all sexes. 

This is a country of diversities and our democracy has created many histories of great inclusions.

However, the kind of attitude we are displaying towards crimes against women is really disappointing.

This is a request from a 42 year old Mother and her 15 year old daughter to the honourable President of India to please intervene to correct the situation on ground.