Don't rechristen Allahabad to Prayagraj !

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Allahabad is not just a name, it's an emotion. Through ages, this city has not just been a place of hindu activities but it has also seen the glorious days of Mughal era as well. This is the city of Ganga-Jamuni Tehzeeb or the diverse culture of hindu-muslim unity. 

Making it Prayagraj would appease just one community and fundamentalist groups, and it would damage the universal fabric of Allahabad.

The medieval past and the colonial history of Allahabad is as important as the ancient past of Prayag. Prayag has always been the name of the sangam-kshetra and Allahabad is the name of the larger area which includes the area of Prayag.

Allahabad includes Prayag but Prayag doesn't include the larger, universal Allahabad. 

Let us come together in saving this name which is no less than any heritage for the citizens of Allahabad.

Sign this petition and show your support for ALLAHABAD, this name breathes with us... And needs our proactive support right now...!