Dismissal of bengal government and presidential rule

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Honorable President, I want to bring your attention to West Bengal, where the law and order situation has been in a very pathetic condition for the last three years, the people of the Hindu community are getting murdered in the coming days, the state government is trying to curb this. It has been a complete failure. You pick up the figures and see how many incidents of violence have taken place, I say with the claim that the highest number of violence has taken place in the country, in the electoral process also violence Was at its peak and its responsible and only Mamata Banerjee and her party. They have not left even the Chief Minister and the Prime Minister for their revenge politics, they have even stopped their program. Illegal Bangladeshi infiltrators are getting protection and are taking the same thing. Therefore, you are requested to take cognizance of this and immediately dismiss the Government of Bengal and impose President's rule and order action on all the accused.

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Satish shuklaa