Discrimination & Denial of usage of Rank post release to Short Service Army Officers .

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Discrimination and Denial of usage of Rank for first time in the history of Independent India( apart from no pension, no medical benefits etc)  post release to Short Service Commissioned Officers after completion of terms of engagement and becoming Ex-Servicemen but authorized the same to Permanent Officers . Short Service Commissioned Officers are selected through the same UPSC , giving the same sacrifices , facing the same enemy & bullet at the border & internal anti -national elements/ militants, facing same exigencies & contingencies of service, giving youth of their life for the service of country being released after serving the motherland for 05, 10 ,14 years between 30-38 years of age with a family & small kids with no back up & job security & job reservation etc are being treated as any less Officer or Human Being in addition to being called as contractual employees being denied substantive promotions to old term optees.

Even the the Law of the Land clearly states equal pay for equal work & the natural law also states there should not be any discrimination based on any premise.The country men should raise their voice against the discriminatory policies adopted by the successive governments by denying the Short Service Commissioned Officers their due as well it is a basic fundamental right of any individual or group to demand their ethical ,moral & legal rights.If this continues as it is there is a huge shortage in the Armed Officers Cadre & these type of treatment  & denial of basic rights to Serving & Released Officers Short Service Commissioned Officers will further discourage the youth from joining the Armed Forces.

Honorable #President Of India Supreme Commander Of All Indian Armed Forces , #Prime Minister Of India , Raksha Mantri , Chief Of Army Staff you all are requested to at least correct this anomaly of denial of usage of Rank to Short Service Commissioned post release as this is the only charm/ pride/ proof of your service left to associate with service & sacrifices  you have rendered to the nation & while joining or release we are neither informed nor told not to use our earned Ranks post release in any manner. Also there is a need of providing pro-rata pension ,medical benefits etc. so that these officers who selflessly & proudly served the nation don't feel that they have been used & discarded after service.

Hope something positive happens as Armed Forces are regularly used in Political Slug Fest  & National Rhetoric but when it comes to providing them their basic human rights,dignity, selfrespect & due the Soldiers are left to fend for themselves.To Quote ;

"When You Go Home Tell Them Of Us That For Your Tomorrow We Gave Are Today"