COVID-19: Honorary jobs / Bailout Package for Dentists in Private Sector

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Due to COVID-19 Pandemic, Dentists in India are affected very badly. On the behalf of all the Dental Surgeons, Dental Surgeons Association of India (DSAI) request Government of India to announce a Bailout package for all Dental Surgeons in private Sector. Dentistry is the worst hit due to this pandemic. Dental Surgeons will not be able to practice for next 2-3 months or may more longer period, even once the lock down ends.

As per the data of WHO, Dental Surgeons are at highest risk, as they perform aerosol-generating procedures. Saliva can have a pivotal role in the human-to-human transmission.  Inhalation of airborne particles and aerosols produced during the procedures on patients with COVID-19 can be risky for Dental professional and their staff.

Due to mushrooming of Dental colleges, there is misbalance between demand and supply of Dental Surgeons. Today the situation of young Dental Surgeons in India is not good and the current Pandemic has even made the situation worst; clinics are only our source of income but due to lock down we can’t practice. Many of the young dental professionals, budding dental surgeons and dental postgraduate practitioners have availed either bank loans to set up their clinical practice or clinics on commercial areas that require rentals, EMI or both. The other monthly expenses such as salary of the employees, household basic expenses, pending bills etc. also need to be taken care. In view of pandemic COVID-19, the financial insecurity is a major threat for us as compare to COVID-19.

Even after the lock down period ends, dental surgeons will not be able to start practice, as we deal with aerosols in almost 80% of the procedures. This is a force of highly skilled professionals; they can be utilized for screening of patients, taking detailed case history as per latest protocols or to take samples from oropharyngeal region. We can’t make them sit ideal in their homes.

We appeal Government of India should take this as a special case of Dental Surgeons and should provide them honorary jobs or should announce bailout package to support them in this economic crisis and Pandemic threat. 

Sir, kindly look into the matter and do the needful.

Thanking you in anticipation.

With Regards,
Dr.Robin Malik
National Secretary,
Dental Surgeons Association Of India (DSAI)
Mob.: +91-9212302866