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Change our electoral system

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To secure a job even with years of experience a series of interview is conducted and still many find it difficult to secure a job in the relative field of experience leave alone new areas. We have qualifying exams and interviews from Indian Administrative Services to entry level government jobs but when it comes to state administration worth millions no qualifying examination nor interviews. This is the reason for the current state of our state.

Politicians blame each other and talk only about the inefficiency of the other parties and their freebies but never concerned about the development of the state or nation from micro level.

The new proposed system is the contestants filing their nominations should come for a public forum in their constituency where their level of knowledge with reference to their constituency is tested . An electoral candidate is expected to know about each and every area , streets, their issues and actions done so far and what is it to be done in the future and his mode of action and process  with the period of completion, 

Now the issue is many people do not know their constituency in detail and rely only the information passed to them through various sources, which in many cases is not right.

Likewise let the party announce the likely candidates for each  ministerial. likely candidates for minister for electricity is Mr. X, Mr.Y , then these candidates appear for a public forum where their knowledge about the department is tested . The present trend is each party would blame the other party as they are inefficient , power supply is not good and there is no stable policy etc... In the proposed system the candidate has to declare about the reasons for the present condition and what is the proposed course of action , how this crisis could be resolved and the expected date of completion.

In the present situation people know only to blame each other and give macro level manifestations and the elected candidate does not know his department or constituency . The person is nominated only due to money and power influence. Make the change in a way where the right person is elected the right way to build a great nation.


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