CBI enquiry For the Brutal Killing of Trilochon Mahato.JUSTICE FOR TRILOCHON MAHATO

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When the country was still enchanted by the morning chirps, she lost her son. Trilochan Mahato, a young aspiring Dalit citizen of Balrampur of Purulia District west Bengal was murdered in cold blood just because he felt that he had the right to stand against the evil doers of the society.Just he choose Bjp as his political ideology.
In a country like India, whose very soul resides in "Democracy", yet a young mind was snatched from his very rights, let alone the right to speech.
We live in a country, We live in a state where citizens are deprived of their basic fundamental rights and Trilochan Mahato is a very fresh example.

We Want justice for that young soul.

We Want Justice for Trilochan Mahato.

We Want CBI enquiry for the Brutal murder of Trilochan Mahato.

Its not a cold-blooded murder of a man.
Its the murder of Democracy.

He was murdered and then Hanged in a tree with a note "Just because you are into politics at the age of 18 You have no right to live".

Please Sign the Petition And show your Support.Justice For TRILOCHON MAHATO AND HIS FAMILY