Castration for Rapist: The penalty given to a Rapist should be Castration.

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This petition is an initiative appealing for justice to all the rape victims in India and requesting our Indian Government to make Castration as a punishment for Rapists.

As we are already aware of Asifa, Kathua rape and murder victim in our country. These rape incidents in our country became quite common these days and in them, very few incidents are coming out to the public for justice.

Of course we can never bring back those lost lives and relieve the inexpressible pain of those victims. But all we can do is to make it not repeat again. The main Aim of this petition is to make a Law that , A Man should never get a thought of raping a.....??? Sorry I don't know what to mention. Because A Mid aged Woman is getting raped, A Old Woman is getting raped, A Teenager is getting raped, A Child is getting raped and even an Infant is getting raped !!!  

So I believe that Castration should be the Punishment For Rape in India

  • What is Castration? The removal of the testicles of a male. And it is not legal in India.
  • Why is it yet not a punishment in India?  In India, human castration is not allowed as a punishment for rape, no matter how heinous the act is, as it is considered as violation of Article 21 of the Indian Constitution, “Right to Life”.

"Our laws still thinks castration as a cruel and unusual punishment.’ But no punishment is cruel or more unusual than the pain a rapists have caused to the victims".  If the person is raping and torturing a female for very high extends, why not he should also be punished in the same way ?! May be by making this as a punishment to the rapist, in future most of the incidents can be reduced. Where as in some of the countries they have already made this as a penalty for the Rapist. 

This is not only a request from me, but from thousands of people in our country. 

- Pravarshitha Karneti (Student, Social Activist)

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