CAA- Citizenship Amendment Act is against Constitution -Demand to Withdrawal or Change CAA

CAA- Citizenship Amendment Act is against Constitution -Demand to Withdrawal or Change CAA

13 December 2019
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Started by FIROZ KHAN FK


Shri Ram Nath Kovind,

The President of India

 Rashtrapati Bhawan

 New Delhi


Shri Narendra Modi

Prime Minister of India

152, South Block, Rainsina Hill,

New Delhi-110011


Shri Amit Shah,

Union Home Minister

Ministry of Home Affairs

North Block

New Delhi – 110001


Dear Respected sir,

Since independence, Indian citizenship has been firmly rooted in the Constitution. In its citizenship provisions, the Constitution insists on the fundamentals of equality, regardless of gender, Caste, religion, class, community or language.

We are mainly concerned that new Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA ), 2019  is fundamentally discriminatory in nature. CAA is against the Constitution & Humanity. It should be change and review without any discrimination of any religion.

We're aware that the lower and upper houses of the Parliament have passed the Citizenship Amendment Act, and we''re also aware of the concerns that have been publicly expressed. CAA has sparked protests across the nation so it can be withdraw and/or review to maintain the peace, harmony, National integration and save the democracy & constitution of India.

I am writing this petition on behalf of Indian Citizen for demand of withdrawal of Citizenship Amendment ACT (CAA ), 2019 as it will affect the indigenous people of Assam and the entire North Eastern region of the country.

We demand for Withdrawal or Change & review the Act without any discrimination because :

1.      It is against the constitution of India as it is emphasising citizenship to the foreigners on religious grounds. But our constitution says that India is a secular country.

2.      Its violation of Article 14 of the Constitution — the Right to Equality. Citizenship can't be given on the basis of religion.

3.      It deeply troubling that the Act uses religion as a legal criterion for determining Indian citizenship.

4.       It would be difficult to prove who among the illegal immigrants entered India out of religious persecution or for the lure of better economy. The government cannot conduct investigation into a few million cases in some other country to verify the claim of religious persecution.

5.      CAA Could Be Misused By Foreign Agents to Infiltrate India. The CAA could become “legal framework” which they could use to infiltrate India.

Social and political considerations aside, there is security concerns regarding the implementation of this Act.

6.      The Citizenship (Amendment) Act 2019 tears to shreds the inclusive, composite vision of India that guided our freedom struggle. In the amendments it introduces to the Citizenship Act of 1955, the new Act violates every single one of these fundamentals of the Constitution. In fact, it is not a mere change in statute. It is a Act that will alter, fundamentally, the character of the Indian republic.

7.      The use of religion as a criterion for citizenship in the proposed Act would mark a radical break with this history and would be inconsistent with the basic structure of the constitution.

8.      Several leaders, eminent citizens, Over 700 civil society members spoke out against the legislation as they claimed that the bill was unconstitutional and discriminatory. 1,047 scientists, scholars write open letter asking for ACT withdrawal. ACT has sparked protests across the nation. Shutdown & Curfew in Nationwide, furore across nation. An infant was killed, many people killed, and lots of people were were injured due to these protests.

9.      Moreover it will discard the historic Assam Accord,1985 , which was signed after the Assam Agitation against the illegal immigrants from Bangladesh.

10.  This Act will not only change the demography of NorthEastern region but the indigenous people will loose their cultural, linguistic identity of the people.

This Bill as divisive, discriminatory and unconstitutional. It will, along with a nationwide NRC, bring untold suffering to people across the country. It will damage, fundamentally and irreparably, the nature of the Indian republic. This is why we demand that the government withdraw or Change & review the ACT without any discrimination. We call for the immediate withdrawal of this Act and as its replacement, request for appropriate legislation that will address the concerns of refugees and minorities in a non-discriminatory manner.

Therefore, we humbly request you to reconsider the matter and withdraw and/or Change & review the Act without any discrimination of any religion.

Warm Regards:


(Human Rights Activist)

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Signatures: 47,857Next Goal: 50,000
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