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Time is short. Please spread the word fast


Jan 12, 2013 — Hello everyone

The 'ResignBeforeJan26th" ( campaign has gathered very good momentum now. We’ve got the backing of National Commission for Women, and some good media coverage.
Thank you for your endorsement, as this campaign asks for the resignations of 2 MPs & 42 MLAs charged with crimes against women.
Pls ask your friends to click this link to take them to the petition page directly:

I’d like to end this appeal by sending you this video, “Angry Nation”, which has the same message.

Thanks again

The team at: 'ResignBeforeJan26th'

Resign Before Jan 26th
Resign Before Jan 26th
The braveheart is no more, and the nation mourns. To prevent similar incidents & change the way we...