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Deny appeal of Mr. Swamy for reinstatement to his Professorship

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Harvard is the oldest institution of higher education in the United States. The prestige of Harvard university is acknowledged worldwide. Harvard University has earned this recognition and prestige through the implementation of a sound academic curriculum, academic discipline, a tradition of educational excellence and creativity and through the attraction and retention of academic lumenaries to open the hearts and minds of those that enter seeking knowledge. The alumni list of Harvard boasts many world leaders, senators, parlamenterians and many notables. Unfortunately, a faculty member, Mr. Subramanian Swamy has decided to undermine the over 400 years of Harvard excellence by writing an op-ed piece in a Indian News paper that suggest communal violence, silencing the minorty voice in the democratic process, ensuring the propagation of the caste system, breaking up of Pakistan and annexation of land from neighbouring Bangladesh to combat Terroism. Titled "Analysis: How to wipe out Islamic Terror" (, the article resorts to religious fanaticism to combat his demons. In his article he proposes to strangle the democratic process in India by creating a Hindu majority that would, by voting together, ensure two thirds majority of a "genuine Hindu party" in parliament. A two third majority would give the winning Hindu party dictatorial powers and silence all critics, in the obvious furtherance of the planned annihilation of all religious minorities. In his article he further states "The Muslims of India can join us if they genuinely feel for the Hindu. That they do I will not believe unless they acknowledge with pride that though they may be Muslims, their ancestors were Hindus", continuing on to state further, "..(others) who refuse to acknowledge this, or those foreigners who become Indian Citizens by registration, can remain in India but should not have voting rights..". In his article, he suggests resolution of the Kashimir issue by resettling ex service men in Kashmir and creating Kashmir for the Hindu Pandit community.If that fails then seek the breakup of Pakistan by encouraging and aiding Baluchis and Sindhis of Pakistan to fight for their independence. In furtherance of the complete subjugation of the Muslim minority, he suggest the demolition of 300 Mosques, forced birth control of the Muslim population, and annexation of the northern third of neighbouring Bangladesh to re-settle illegal migrants living in India. His vitriolic, does not stop there, and extends to the Christian minority as well. He claims that denigration of Hinduism is taught in Mosques and Churches alike, leading to the loss of self respect among Hindus, encouraging conversion. However, in a sliver of magnanimity, he recommends that re-conversion to Hinduism by non-Hindus should be permitted, and the convertee will have the right to choose his caste based on his (the convertees) adherance of the creed of the caste or discipline. The spectre of the future India as envisioned by mr. Sawmy, is no less maniacal than the dreams of Hitler in Mein Kampf of creating the perfect nation of Aryans. What makes it frightening that these thoughts are being espoused by a Harvard Professor. By publishing this article in a national daily, Mr Sawmy has decided to enage and abett hatred, international conflict, intolerance and utter destruction of human and minority rights in a country that has always been plagued with communal and religious violence. In 2005, over 5000 Muslim men, women and children were killed and burnt one of the worst religious violence in the history of India drawing sharp criticism from Ammnesty International and the world. Forced conversion of Christians to Hinduism is common led by the BJP Bharatya Janata Party. As India looks forward to an era of globalization, democratization and increase of its status as a power in the world stage, the last thing India needs is a fanatic in the guise of Harvard Professor enouraging the destruction of the India thru the implementation of Hinduisms Mein Kampf, of which this article forms the basis. In his appeal to Harvard for his reinstatement, Mr Sawmy has stated that this article is his personal opinion. We disagree. As a teacher and a guide, he must be held accoutable for all his opinions whether personal, academic or political when voiced on a public media, since his ideas and opinions in addition to the academic curriculum at Harvard are the instruments that fuel the mindset and imagination of the students many of whom, will one day become our future leaders. In further defence of his article, he has claimed his right to free speech. Here we also disagree. Free speech is not without responsibility. This responsibilty is much greater for a Professor, for it is to the professor that the student turns to for knowledge and for the wisdom to understand and implement that knowledge. In his vitriolic, Mr Sawmy has expounded the Nazi-esq ideology of the political party he heads, and has permitted that ideology to overtake rationale and wisdom that should be part and parcel of a teacher. Through his actions he has descecrated a world class educational institution that had called upon his service. Based on this we request that Mr. Sawmy not be reinstated, ever, in the hallowed halls of Harvard. Reinstating him in any manner will further embolden and encourage other hatemongers like him to poision the minds of people and fracture efforts of peace and harmony that we has humans seek in our daily lives.

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