NO to US Military Base in Ghana

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The existence of a foreign military base in Ghana and Africa is a threat to our peace, sovereignty, free movement of our people and economic development. The government of Ghana is about to sign a treaty with the USA which will allow the US military to establish a base in Ghana. The treaty grants the USA the following:

•Free use of Ghana's Telecommunication spectrum

•Free weaponry and movement without restrictions

•no taxes and no Ghanaian access or inspection of their facilities (base) yet Ghana government bears the cost

•free entry and exit of our territory and territorial waters

As a concerned citizen, I believe we must do all we can to halt this treaty and pact skewed towards entrenching America's interest in Africa.
It is abundantly clear this agreement is a threat to our peace and we are about to jeopardize the future of the motherland for the following reasons .
The intended agreement will allow the US military to occupy some key areas of our country with access to these places denied our security apparatus and the generality of our people. It also allows for the U.S.A. to import military equipment to Ghana without inspection and/ or authorization and worst of all these are done with a tax waiver. The intended agreement will not by any means allow the people of Ghana to regulate the operations/ activities of the US military in our motherland. To add salt to injury, our courts will be rendered powerless since our laws inapplicable to the American military men and women when they violated our laws on our soil. And none of the activities by the US military in Ghana will favour us as an independent state! The worst is that the Government is not forthright with information to its citizens as regards the benefits we would be deriving from such a risky venture and it is stipulated that it is Ghana that will bear the cost of the upkeep of the US military personnel on our soil! I am hereby calling on all concerned citizens, civil societies, religious leaders, chiefs and the people of Ghana to sign this petition to halt this agreement. If you care about the future of this generation, your children and the future of this nation, please sign this petition and share it! We need to gather the signatures to help us fight this battle and win! I know we can and we will!

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