Government must prioritize the passage of National Consumer Protection Law

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We the undersigned and concerned citizens of Ghana;

Committed to the protection of consumers rights in Ghana. It is discouragingly disheartening the trotro pace at which government is handling the process. The seemingly lack of interest in the law by government can be seen to have stalled the progress.

In the absence of the consumer protection law, it makes it difficult to do consumer advocacy and consumer protection in the country. Because the country lacks the enabling laws for consumer protection, Ghana has literally become the junkyard for inferior goods from Asia. As you make your way to shops across the country, one notice that you will come across is: GOODS SOLD ARE NOT RETURNABLE. For a manufacturer or merchant to say goods sold are not returnable, it means that the goods are inferior and are not fit for purpose.

Though, there are limited provisions in some legislations like the PURC Act 538, NCA 524, Act, and FDA that protect the Ghanaian consumers. However, these provisions are scattered in over 40 statutes and it is even difficult for a smart lawyer to find them.

Ghana’s population now is about 29 million. Over the years, there have been few consumer protection activists. Some have come and gone.

So today, we are launching a petition to raise twenty thousand (20,000) signatories to petition the government of the Republic of Ghana to act now.

MINISTRY OF TRADE AND INDUSTRY: To finalize the  draft  document

ATTORNEY GENERAL DEPARTMENT: To finalize the drafting of the Law

CABINET: To approve for Parliament to start debating it.

PARLIAMENT: To pass the Consumer Protection Law before the year ends

MINISTRY OF FINANCE: To provide every financial resources required for the passage of the same.

Insisting that his Excellency the President of Ghana makes the passage of National Consumer Protection Law a legislative priority for 2018

HEREBY CALL on all Ghanaians to support this call for the passage of National Consumer Protection Law