Petition to Georgian authorities for granting permanent residence to Devi Asmadiredja

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Devi, born and grown up in former GDR (in Prenzlau near Berlin) with a German mother and an Indonesian father came to Georgia in 2011, falling in love with the country it's overwhelming nature and it's wonderful people.

Later she started to guide mostly in high mountains areas Khevsureti and Tusheti, which even got more her home.

Since 2013 Devi is working as a tourist guide, first for "erka reisen" , since 2014 more and more on her own. This summer, 2017, she was guiding ne...arly thirty groups of tourists, mostly hiking groups interested in detecting the Georgian part of the Caucasus, meet Georgian people, learn about Georgian culture and spread the word about this small but fascinating country with it's strong, deep roots to Europe and so manyfolded influence from both the Arab and the Asian world.

"Devi knows the whole history of this country" , says XYZ, author of a book about Georgia to be published in 2018. "Whatever question one comes up with - she knows the answer, or she will find it for you."

Many of those, Devi is guiding, are photographers, authors of articles about Georgia as a tourist destination still to be detected, young people interested in learning about a foreign culture, building bridges and establishing friendships going deeper than what any political effort ever could achieve.

In 2015 Devi even brought the country of Georgia to Indonesia: In cooperation with the Georgian Ministry for Foreign Affairs she organized an Exhibition with own photos about Georgia in Jacarta, introducing what yet had become "her country" to the country where her father's line came from before they went to Europe and Germany (See here:
About Devi's exhibition in Jacarta: Inforrmation on Georgia's Independence day Reception with Devi Asmadiredja. (Video: Exhibition in Jakarta) In 2018 at least three further books about Georgia will be published by authors and photographers solely guided by Devi:
- Tim Burford: Georgia. Bradt Travel Guide. Sixth Edition.
- Gulliver Theis (Photos) / Stephan Orth (Text): Georgia. National Geographie Photo Book.
- Eva Dietrich: The Foreign Spice.

Despite the fact that Devi has a Georgian partner and lives with him and his family since winter 2015 in countryside, and she had residency for two and half year already, despite all the mentioned undoubtfully passionate work for Georgia, Devi's recent request for permanent in first try and temporary in second application residence was rejected without the responsible administration and court giving a clear and explicite reason.

We hereby appeal to the Georgian President as the very last hope for justice and humanity: Please have a look into Devi's file and understand not only how inappropriate and inhuman a refusal for permanent residence given to this wonderful woman is, but also how inhuman to her, and everybody who is connected to her.

Georgia couldn't have better Ambassadors and bridge builders than Devi. Georgia couldn't create higher damage to one of the most integre, honest and truly respected persons in this country, but also to this country and the credibility of it's Government, than by refusing her request and our appeal.

Please, Mr President, grant Devi Asmadiredja a permanent residence in Georgia

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