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Due to COVID-19, Fairleigh Dickinson University has decided on a hybrid learning system which like many other universities involves a remote learning system in order to prevent the spread of the virus. This alternative learning style results in a shortage of our complete learning experience in the Fall of 2020 by three weeks. Although these necessary precautions will help better the health of our students and assist us on the path to recovery from this pandemic, remote learning does not substitute for our in-class learning experience along with other on-campus services. As we look into other alternatives for our education we must also take into consideration what is at loss for each student and try to accommodate these needs. 

It is not just for students to be forced to pay tuition at full price with the reduction of an annual 3% tuition rate when we will be losing the opportunity to utilize resources we normally would while being on campus. Freezing the tuition rate does not account for the loss of time and educational experience from the Fall semester. We should not be paying the full tuition price if not receiving all the benefits that are involved with the cost, such as computer lab access, fast speed internet connection, dining hall expenses, campus life organizations and most importantly face-to-face learning. As a student, my online learning experience in the Spring of 2020, did not nearly scratch the surface of the infinite learning opportunities that would have been granted to me as an on-campus student. We are all facing extreme financial hardships brought upon us by the pandemic. 

I urge you all to help change this financial decision that affects each and every one of our students at Fairleigh Dickinson University. We cannot rebuild when not given the chance to take a breath, give our students and families a break, financially, for the betterment of our overall academic success. 

Please sign and share this petition with your peers, families, and other public platforms to help prevent this extra burden on our lives.