Postpone Dominican College of Blauvelt 2020 Commencement

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As we all know, this is very difficult time for all of us and for the individuals who had to come to this very saddening decision. We are all aware that the venue where Dominican College usually hosts their annual commencements, is being occupied to play as a temporary hospital for Covid-19 patients for an indefinite time period. On behalf of the graduating class of 2020, we would much rather prefer to have our commencement at a later date or at a different location if possible, opposed to having a virtual commencement. Commencement is a very important moment of our lives to many of us, and especially to our families. In some cases, some of us might be first generation graduates or gone through blood, sweat and tears to finally get to where we are academically. I personally have struggled academically within my four years of attending Dominican and finally grown as a student. Furthermore, I have waited for this wholesome moment to finally come, so to me I find commencement to be a very important aspect of my life. 

On top of that we are obligated to pay a $200 graduation fee, which in this case would not be right if we were to have a virtual commencement because we would not be getting our caps and gowns like we were supposed to. If we have to pay a $200 graduation fee, it is only right that we get the full experience of our commencement and to get it pushed to a later date. I am 100% sure that we are all willing to wait and have our commencement pushed to a later date or held elsewhere.

Also, it has come to our understanding that the graduating seniors who were on-campus residents this semester, will POSSIBLY be getting a cash refund of our room and board. We would like to be assured that it is guaranteed that we will be receiving a refund for room and board because that wouldn't be fair, being that the students who will be returning in the Fall will be getting the remaining balance rolled over. It is also not fair to students who will not be returning to Dominican for the following semester as well, whether it be because they have chose to transfer or take a semester off.

For all of us, this was not how we expected our final semester at Dominican College to end. As said before, we understand the circumstances and wish to have our voices heard one last time.