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I sign this petition on the day after the President of the EU Parliament Martin Schultz had spent 24 hours visiting Cyprus to stress the a solution is more likely now than ever before - a year after he had invited the TC leader (and the TC 'state' is officially non-recognised) to formally visit the EU Parliament and he had spoken then of how the rejected Annan Plan should be accepted for a Cyprus Solution, which the existing Cyprus President had promoted in 2003 before him being elected President in 2013 he promised he would not insist on its acceptance. That President had also not accepted our demands for Cypriot refugees living abroad to be entitled to vote in Cyprus 2 years ago .... so I am one of those persons who certainly thinks THIS petition WILL be rapidly signed by more than 100,000 persons!

David Efthyvoulou, London, ENG, United States
3 years ago
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