Save the AMAZON rainforest

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The Amazon rain forest has been on fire for over 16 days now, burning a large part of the largest rain forest on earth which produces 16% of the earth's Oxygen.

The Amazon jungle has over 40000 trees with over 600 species and 10 species unique to the region. The burning of the Amazon would and has cause(d) a catastrophe. Cities are covered in dark clouds turning day into night and 20% of the bird population on earth are now endangered with different species.

If you have a relative who is asthmatic or a close friend, you'll understand the danger ordinary bush burning poses to their survival not to consider the burning of a whole forest. The impact of this burning on the steadily combated climate change as declared a global goal 13 by the UN is beyond reason. Naturally burning of objects releases harmful/ozone depleting fumes into the atmosphere, burning of trees which are supposed to filter the carbon mono-oxide off the air will not only obstruct the balance of the carbon cycle, but fasten the effects of GLOBAL WARMING.

I am from Nigeria and i might as well say the burning of the AMAZON doesn't affect me, but that isn't the case, i am allergic to fumes and could have terrible skin irritations if exposed to such conditions for long, if longer, i could suffocate and i know i'm not the only one on earth with such issues. Infact from the global outcry on twitter and videos i've seen, peoples lives and properties are at stake because of this, for the reasons shared above and more. 

Breathing would soon become a problem in cities close to the AMAZON as would seeing, navigation, commuting, work and even feeding, take Sao Paulo as a case study. What happens to the animals who are now endangered, the only way to solve this problem is by the governments to combat the fire with all they've got and strictly prohibit the burning or felling of trees for ranch building and the likes.

Disclaimer: not all images used in video are of the Amazon wildfire.