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We have 48 more signatures to make 2,000!

In April, I started this petition to try and stop the name change of the Lillian and Dorothy Gish Theater at Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio, my graduate Alma Mater. It is now January, 2020, and we need 48 more signatures to bring it to 2,000. The Theater was well-endowed by Lillian Gish in 1976 with the enthusiastic support of Dr. Ralph H. Wolfe, professor of film and literature.  Due to her role in "The Birth of a Nation" by D.W. Griffith, as many of you know, her legacy has been ridiculed by a segment of the student population who are totally myopic in their assessment of her as an actress, and cannot see far ahead to her career that spanned over 60 years and her generosity in establishing the Dorothy and Lillian Gish Film Prize, although it was initiated following her death in 1994. One of its recipients was Spike Lee in 2013, who stated that the 2 films that influenced him the most were "The Birth of a Nation" and "The Night of the Hunter." Having had considerable e-mail correspondence with noted film historian, William Drew, and Mike Kaplan, producer of Lillian Gish's last film, "The Whales of August," the petition definitely will be sent to President Rodney Rodgers, but my letter to him will also state the strong idea to consider having the Gish Theater legacy taken to another institution in Ohio where it would be much more appreciated. In the meantime, here is an original signed photograph of Lillian Gish that was given me by a close friend who is aware of my great admiration for this actress who I had the privilege of meeting in 1979 while a graduate student at Bowling Green State University.  She gave a talk at the Gish Theater on "Way Down East" on her 80th birthday! Please help me by circulating the petition and garnering in 48 more signatures.

Anne Farley Gaines
9 months ago