To bring Mohammedan Sporting Club Back into the Mainstream of Indian Football

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Football industry have evolved significantly over the past decade in the way sporting events are organized,viewed and commercialised.Thanks to AIFF for bringing this changes.But the football lovers of India think this zeal could be enhanced if Mohammedan Sporting Club would have continued their trade in the mainstream of Indian football.There are many within the country and many others around the globe who would love to see Mohammedan Sporting Club among India’s football elites and it will definitely pave a new,refreshed move of enthusiastic viewers in India’s emerging appetite for football.Because the club has a rich legacy and strong resonance throughout India.It is unfortunate for our football industry as a club like Mohammedan Sporting  is out of the arena of I-League Premier Division or ISL.It is still the only club that have been enjoying the privilege of being one of the most followed clubs in the country! May one of their matches be from Delhi to Dhanbad or from Mumbai to Kolkata,the viewers figure from 20 thousand to 80 thousand till date!

Mohameddan Sporting Club’s mission to play in the Hero I-League Premier Division got a jolt in the current season of B Division I-League due to the global pandemic situation.They well performed in this season with strong  pack of Indian footballers to clinch the title ‘invincibles’.

In this context,the football lovers of Bengal along with India do not know what will happen to Mohammedan Sporting Club's endeavour to play in the Hero I-League Premier Division in the season 2020-21.

In the meantime,Bengal is extremely delighted for Mohun Bagan's entry in the ISL and hopefully expect East Bengal too figure in the ISL.In this situation if Mohameddan Sporting Club remain non-participant in Hero I-League Premier Division 2020-21,the football lovers of Bengal will be deprived of cheering and eyewitnessing I-League matches without a representative club of west Bengal.In the past,AIFF allowed Churchill Brothers and Aizawal F.C. on the basis of zero-representative of respective states .We support the wise decision of AIFF.So why not Mohammedan Sporting Club! Mohammedan Sporting Club deserve to be in the Hero I-League Premier Division 2020-21 with a direct entry by AIFF to keep the zeal of I-League in the absence of some major football clubs.

Please help bringing Mohammedan Sporting Club into the Hero I-League Premier Division from 2020-21 by signing the petition and calling on AIFF.President Mr.Praful Patel to use his power to allow Mohammedan Sporting Club directly in the Premier Division of Hero I League 2020-21.

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