Award "The highest civilian award" to Afghan man in hailed as hero for chasing killer

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The Amir Amanullah Khan Award is the highest civilian award of Afghanistan. It was instituted in 2006 and is bestowed by the Government of Afghanistan to Afghan and foreign nationals in recognition of their services to Afghanistan. 

The death toll of Friday's terrorist attacks in New Zealand that killed 50 could have been higher if not for the actions of a man that witnesses and survivors are calling a hero. Please watch this video of him Link

Abdul Aziz, 48, likely saved lives when he engaged the gunman in a cat-and-mouse chase outside the mosque and later grabbed one of the shooter's own guns that had been tossed to the ground.

President of Afghanistan Mr Ashraf Ghani can make a powerful statement that we will not accept a future where men like Brenton Tarrant feel empowered to attack innocent people simply because of their religion or the color of their skin, and that Abdul Aziz represent the best of us for selflessly defending the right of their fellow Muslims to live in peace and enjoy the freedom from fear.  

For these reasons, we call on President  Ashraf Ghani  to award the hero of Christchurch's attack the highest civilian award of Afghanistan, The Amir Amanullah Khan Award.