I want to sue the government

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I want to solve the equality structure. I want to sue the government for cruel and unusual punishment of African Americans in this country. It is a horrible disgrace of how after all this time, nothing has changed regarding the inhumane treatment of this race of people. Nothing hurts more than to this country in which we were born and raised are still the targets of poverty, low education, no money, and were forced to be here. Immagrants came to this country and found their dream, where in this country is ours? We have the same dreams, and  aspirations for our families and our loved ones. And for those of you who feel that this is a handout, my heart breaks for you, because this is money for services rendered by the hands of whips,  chains, beatings, rape and the history of pictures, and true stories are the evidence. I  will never feel as though this is a handout, and I truly know there are many who feel the exact same. Until this country pays it's debt to the African Americans who's bodies have been slain all over this United States.  There will never be a resolve. To keep acting as though we're not here because we deserve exactly what every citizen  born here with a birth certificate that includes but not limited to African Americans. We are yet to have a piece of the "American Pie". For six centuries, we've been here, it's time to stop making us out to be monsters and just make it right.