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Please look into why the parole board won't release my father after 34 yrs

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My Father Carlos Kelly Ridley inmate number 164 - 332 has been incarcerated for 34 years with the Ohio State Correctional Facility my father has been up before the board quite a few times for a murder that he says to this day he did not commit. I am asking for help from President Obama and the governor of Ohio with looking into my dads case,because he was denied once again for parole.And is not eligible again until 2024.Thats another 8yrs and my father is now very sick and wheelchair bound. Colon and prostate cancer to name a few things.  He's in and out of the hospital alot. I understand if you do the crime you do the time.I also sympathize with the family of the victims for their loss, and pray for healing for us all. But reading over my father's case and seeing the newspaper of his arrest he was on crutches at the time  and maintains his innocence.I know the president is very busy,but if he can look into his case for me i would be so grateful. And another thing can it be done without him getting into trouble for me seeking help for him. He's my only living parent, my mom passed 25yrs ago.He said i wrote the board before when i was younger and they started bothering him after i did. However  I'm 45 yrs old now and i don't even remember writing them, but if i did it was from a very hurt and confused little girl who wanted her father released.All of my father's 4 children are grown now, he has 8 grand children( all but 2 are grown)and 8 great grands. Please help me if you have the time. And thank you for 8 years for exceptional years as my president.  Sincerly, Latonya M.Ridley​​ 

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