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WE the PEOPLE Demand the USDA be investigated and removed as oversight for animal welfare in the US!!!

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January 2015: The New York Times published the article below, detailing the horrors at the U.S. Meat Animal Research Center in southern Nebraska. This center engages in high-risk, extremely controversial research that other institutions would not dare do or are no longer allowed to do.

U.S. Research Lab Lets Livestock Suffer in Quest for Profit:

The USDA has not adhered to even minimal standards of animal care at its own facility.

Public record requests show that in the USDA quest to make livestock bigger, the welfare of the animals was “a non-issue”. At the facility they use arcane surgery and horrific breeding techniques to hyper-breed and re-engineer farm animals to fit the needs of factory farms and meat packers in America.

-Thousands of animals have perished at the facility as a result of these horrific experiments.
-Cows were bred until their legs broke. Cows usually have one calf. At the facility cows were altered to have twins and triplets, resulting in weak and deformed calves.
-Piglets were accidentally crushed to death by mothers scientifically bred to have unnaturally large litters.
-Lambs were born in open fields and left to die excruciating deaths during one experiment to determine if mothers that were dependent upon human help would nurture the lambs despite severe weather and predators. The experiment was a complete failure and left hundreds of sheep beaten to death by hailstorms and abandoned by mothers.
These horrible and unnecessary experiments yielded no usable results.

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How Your Tax Dollars Are Funding Brutal Animal Experiments:

Here is the USDA and lawmaker “response” to the above:
Lawmakers Aim to Protect Farm Animals in U.S. Research:

This lip service “response” is unacceptable.

While most Americans will agree that there is a valid reason for publicly financed Ag research, it is the USDA's alignment with the profits of factory farms that we feel is terribly unethical. Meat packers rely on highly specialized farms called concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) that stuff thousands of animals tightly together in the most horrific conditions. It is proven that smaller, diversified farms, are more ecologically sound. Both Costco and McDonald's are in the news this month stating they will no longer purchase meat from animals fed routine antibiotics as they do not feel it is healthy for the public. Factory farms are reliant on these antibiotics due to the filthy conditions and rampant infections they create by packing thousands of animals into tight, inhumane quarters. In the quest for profits, there is no concern for the welfare of animals confined in gestation crates, battery cages, slaughter houses and dairy farms across the nation.

American taxpayers are funding these horrible experiments with $22.7 MILLION GOING TO THIS ONE FACILITY EACH YEAR. We have deplorable animal control shelters across the nation affording little to no comfort to the companion animals we call family. They are killed for space while our tax dollars fund grotesque experiments to profit factory farms, where cruelty and abuse are the industry standard. Our taxpayer funded shelters are overflowing and grossly under-funded, yet our money is readily available to be used to create suffering, spread disease and torture innocent animals just to bring more profit to the factory farmers. Most industry does its own research. Why are taxpayers funding research for Big Ag?

Taxpayers are also funding a secret war on our nation's wildlife. Why are we paying for predator control for ranchers? Killing coyotes does not control the numbers. It is proven that coyotes sense a void in the pack and they will breed and reproduce more to fill that void.
Please watch EXPOSED at

The laws in this country to protect animals are vague and in many cases ineffective. In many States animals are still considered "property" and killing or abusing one is barely a crime. Some States, such as Kentucky, have not updated animal protection laws in many years. As America demands humane treatment of ALL animals, wild, companion and farm, legislators like Senator King (R-Iowa) band together to create "ag-gag" laws with deceptive names in an attempt to trick their constituents. These “ag-gag” laws repeal animal welfare laws and make a citizen that videotapes abuse on any factory farm subject to arrest. Where are the laws to protect the animals? Why does the law protect the abusers?

Abuse of all animals has reached epidemic proportions across this nation, and laws are so weak that most abusers walk with a fine. Law enforcement will not respond to reports of cruelty in many cases. There is no national database to register and stop repeat offenders so they walk to torture and kill another silent victim. Thousands of horrible stories of abuse roll across our screens every single day. WHY? WHERE are their primary protectors? We, sadly, find them on the cover of The New York Times, busted for animal cruelty and torture.

The USDA has failed miserably to oversee the welfare of the animals of this nation. They are the last stop for shelter reform. The USDA is responsible for the corruption and failure that kills millions of animals with our taxpayer dollars. This failed animal control system across the US has now put the burden back onto the citizens of this country. Countless citizens have turned rescuer to save the lives of the animals at high kill shelters. Many shelters do not hold public adoption events or even allow citizens access to photograph the animals to gain exposure for them before they are routinely killed. Rescuers, employees and volunteers have been forced to sign "gag" agreements stating that they won't say anything negative about conditions at PUBLIC shelters or they will be blocked from saving more animals or fired. These shelters don't want the public knowing about the neglect and abuse that the animals suffer inside. Many rescuers are threatened and retaliated against for speaking out about conditions at publicly funded shelters. Our tax dollars are being used to perpetuate abuse! Many shelters still use archaic gas chambers to kill animals. The workers stuff them full and turn on the gas and the animals scream and claw to get out. Many of us are scrambling, trying to make a difference, and too often our efforts are ineffective because of county, state and federal failings…all under the USDA oversight.

The USDA has given thumbs up to some of the most abusive puppy mills in the US. The USDA has turned a blind eye to the daily torture of pigs, the 4th smartest animal on the planet, in factory farms and slaughter houses. The USDA has allowed the suffering and brutal treatment of cattle, both for meat and dairy. The veal industry is beyond horrific. The USDA is responsible for super bugs and deadly diseases that invade our food supply by allowing the filth in which food is processed. The USDA should be removed as the government agency that oversees the welfare of the nation’s animals. The USDA engages in felony aerial shooting of wild life. They also trade and use outlawed poisons. They have tested expired poison on shelter animals. The USDA intentionally tries to keep animal welfare and protection on the back burner. If they acknowledged the cruelty, they know that the factory farms of America would be put out of business. We demand criminal charges be filed against those in the USDA chain of command that have participated in and condoned these egregious acts.

James Brown of Reno "adopted" animals off Craigslist and tortured and dismembered them. Many other animals have suffered at the hands of abusers that were acquired from trading sites and free to good home ads. Kentucky fuels dog fighting with horrible laws and does not require even basic shelter for animals left outside in brutal weather extremes. It’s a daily horror show in the world of animal rescue and advocacy. These abusers have continued due to USDA inadequacy and incompetency.

If any citizen had conducted such gruesome and unnecessary experiments, if we had engaged in aerial shooting, if we had deliberately poisoned shelter animals, we would be prosecuted and face fines and would be subject to penalties afforded under the flimsy laws for each State.

Therefore, those in the USDA who participated in these experiments and those who chose to cover-up knowledge of these experiments and high death rates should be charged under Federal Felony Cruelty provisions. Those in higher offices who approved these experiments should also be charged and removed from office immediately, including the USDA Secretary.

Noting the above, the FBI has declared animal cruelty as a crime against society, and will begin tracking cruelty much like they track homicides beginning in 2016. The USDA oversees the welfare of animals in the US and refuses to even address epidemic animal cruelty, public shelters of horror, puppy mills, factory farm torture, substandard conditions and weak animal cruelty laws in most states. Now we learn through the NY Times that the USDA is the biggest animal abuser our country has known to date.

UPDATED ARTICLE: The FBI now tracks animal abuse like it tracks homicides

FBI to start tracking animal cruelty in 2016: 

WE THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA demand the USDA be held CRIMINALLY responsible for the cruelty that occurred at its facility and will continue to occur at their Meat Research facilities. How many of these facilities exist? Are there other torture chambers using taxpayer funds hidden away in our rural areas? Firing the Head of the Meat Research Facility as their fall guy would be a typical response to these allegations and will NOT suffice. Because of Social Media, the eyes of America are now open. Animals of this nation have been tortured directly by the USDA, and millions have died in shelters and in the streets due to the failed animal welfare system and under the oversight of the USDA. We demand change.

WE THE CITIZENS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA respectfully request that the President of the United States invoke an immediate Executive Order for inspection by an outside organization of all animal control facilities, public or private, to ensure the safety and welfare of the animals. We ask for strict guidelines to prevent spread of disease.
-Kennels must be sanitized and waste must be removed
-Proper shelter must be provided
-Basic medical care must be provided
-Vaccines must be administered upon intake to control disease outbreaks.
-Food and clean water must be available at all times.
-All employees in shelters must be subject to criminal background checks to ensure the safety of the animals.

Many Southern California shelters and rural shelters in the east are starving animals because they plan to kill them anyway. Shelter abuse is rampant, so we also demand that ALL taxpayer funded shelters be equipped with Live Stream Video Cameras so that the public may go online to keep an eye on the employees and have the ability to monitor shelter conditions. We demand that all shelters take steps such as scanning for microchips, checking lost and found databases, publish newspaper ads and allow the owners of lost animals to e-mail pictures in an effort to reunite lost animals with their families. Also, we demand that they publish the animals to be euthanized at least two-days in advance. If an animal is deemed "vicious", they must have an outside behavioral specialist review the video evidence before euthanizing. Fear must never be used as a reason to euthanize. This often happens in Baldwin Park, CA and many other shelters. Many animals in shelters are frightened and it is wrong to quickly assess them at the shelter level. We demand that all gas chambers are banned nationwide as a means of euthanasia. There is nothing humane about a gas chamber. Further, we demand that ALL shelters, both public and private, are mandated to honor all requests for records. Many citizens are refused public record requests by many shelters. We also demand public shelters record and file animal tracking ID numbers and that they begin implementation of a national database to be maintained at all animal control facilities to stop repeat abusers getting animals from shelters to torture or use for dog fighting bait. We further demand that each and every City or County have an adequate animal control facility to alleviate the over-crowding that causes mass kills for space. No county should be allowed to contract services to neighboring counties. This is common in KY even though the state says all counties should have their own shelter. These shelters are funded by tax payers. The citizens have paid taxes and are, in essence, paying twice when they are forced to become rescuers and pay inflated pull fees, pay for vetting, pay for boarding if no foster is available, and finally, pay for transport, which can be costly, all due to the failed animal control crisis in the USA. Many of our citizens have started spay and neuter programs using their own money. That $22.7 million dollars that the USDA used at the Nebraska facility would have been put to much better use funding national spay and neuter operations rather than funding torture.

We have lost some of our best and most caring rescuers to suicide. They could not bear the daily horror any longer. In the US, the leader of the free world, animals have been gunned down in the streets by poorly trained animal control staff. We demand all animal control officers complete a training course so that they know how to properly deal with fearful animals. All police officers should be trained in human/animal interactions. We also demand that abuse in factory farms stops. We see videos of workers gleefully abusing, kicking, beating and torturing animals before they are killed. Workers in these CAFO’s must be completely screened before employment. Factory farms are havens for some of the cruelest people in our country. The system is broken on ALL levels and we demand immediate change.

What The USDA Didn't Say In Report On Horrific Meat Experiment Facility:

In response to The New York Times article, the USDA Secretary stated that they were launching a 60-day review period to review policies and animal welfare. The Preliminary results are in and, surprisingly, the USDA doesn't see any wrongdoing. Allowing the USDA to be in charge of reviewing itself is a conflict of interest in the eyes of the citizens of the United States.

WE THE CITIZENS of the United States of America demand that an independent panel of outside animal welfare experts be appointed to investigate the allegations of abuse at the Nebraska facility and any other USDA facilities currently in operation.

WE THE CITIZENS demand that the USDA be removed as oversight of all animal welfare in America. Long-term abuse and torture has continued under their watch. They admitted they were not keeping proper records. They made a decision to allow a certain level of violations in puppy mills as it was too difficult to continually inspect the mills. The inner workings of the USDA must be exposed to a taxpayer nation. We demand transparency and a complete overhaul of the animal welfare system in the US. We demand ALL USDA inspected and approved operations be investigated immediately by another organization. This includes the USDA’s own facilities, all CAFO’s, all public shelters, aviaries and puppy mills.

THE USDA HAS FAILED OUR NATION. They have failed the animals and the citizens of this country. 

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