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President Obama: We demand stronger rape laws and Rape Education

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Dear President Obama,

We, the undersigned, here demand that stronger sentences for rapists be set in place on the federal level, and these laws be met at the minimum on the state level. In addition, we demand that it become unlawful to consider what the s/he was wearing, what his/her chosen profession is, his/her choice to be intoxicated, or any other consideration wherein a rape may be construed as the victim’s fault by faulting choices made willingly, including but not limited to requesting that one’s rapist uses condoms or some other form of birth control and/or STI prevention.

In addition, we demand that mandatory rape education be placed in schools as young as middle school that is not limited to “avoid getting raped” and focuses more on rape and why it is wrong and that, under any circumstances, rape is wrong. We, as a society, have insisted that consent is important but have failed to educate on what defines consent as a whole.

As a society we have sympathized with rapists and placed fault and blame on victims, and the impact this can have is astounding. By doing such we close doors for those that have been raped by insinuating that it is their fault that the rape occurred, when in reality the fault lies entirely with the rapist in question. We need to, as a society, ensure victims that their cases will be heard and they will not be demonized, no matter the social or economical status of his/her rapist.

Currently, on a federal level, a rapist can go without imprisonment even if found guilty, sometimes the largest punishment given to a rapist being a fine, thereby lessening the overall severity of the crime, as well as other social implications of having a rapist pay money for the sexual act committed. It is our demand that this be changed, perhaps following the examples set by England, where a single rape with a single rapist (meaning one rape by one person on one victim) can earn the rapist 4-8 years if the victim is 16 or over, and longer if the victim is younger/there are other circumstances, such as multiple rapists, abduction, abuse of trust or offence motivated by prejudice.

It should be noted that this petition has been opened to international signers and people ages thirteen and up. The reason this has been done is to allow for you and all of our lawmakers to see what an impact rape culture has on our global society as a whole. In addition, this petition wishes to show that the United States is under watch and impacts the world - so yes, it does matter to others in the world that these laws get passed. The United States controls much of the world’s media such as shows, films, music. What we project has an influence on not just the children of our country, but any country that airs, views, or reports on our media - and this is without even considering the US as a general force in the world.

Rape and Rape culture affects all of us, Mr. President. We demand that you take a firm stand against it. The World is watching.


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