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Free Leah-Lynn Plante and other victims of harsh American injustice

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October 12, 2012,
The arrest, or illegal detainment and search and seizure violation
committed by the Federal Government against Leah-Lynn Plante,
and her associates, is an obvious mistake by a Government
grown too powerful and self-aggrandizing.

Anyone with common sense can see that Leah-Lynn Plante is
no danger to anyone, and that the surveillance and treatment
accorded to her and her friends is a danger to every American
and to everyone around the world who cares about liberty.

The United States has fallen from 14th place to 24th place
and headed downward on the Transparency International scale
of least corrupt nations, and no one in Washington has done anything
to reverse this trend.

We want to see the 52-part Pardon and Reprieve petitions by
Scott Davis unthrottled, signed by as many people as possible,
and acted upon by the White House, favorably - otherwise,
we, the people have no reason to vote in November.
The election is between a President who has the worst record
of pardons in history, and a candidate who is proud of his
refusal to grant pardons.

The US justice system is broken, the prosecutorial machines
in the Federal and State governments in the USA are tearing up
and trampling the Constitution,
and Americans are either without knowledge or without hope,
with no prospect of real change in sight.

Do what you can - speak out, by signing this petition to free
Leah-Lynn Plante and other people who are innocent, from
unlawful searches and seizures, from false arrests, from
false prosecutions, from railroaded and false convictions, and from
unlawful cruel and unusual punishments of every harmful type.

Thank you,

Scott Davis
Committee of 37 Peace Initiative
PO Box 877
Edgmont,  PA  19028-0877

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