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President Obama: Void patents on life! Living things reproduce and can not be controlled.

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Monsanto has grown out of control and their so called technology is threatening the worlds food supply as proof by law suits from all over the world against them for destroying their organic crops. People who don't want their crops to contain the genetically modified genes are finding not only that they have them in their fields, but they are being sued when they made no attempt to infringe on the patent.

Patents on life should not be allowed period. Life is controlled by biology and no person can control the crops that they have engineered from contaminating their crops around the world. Monsanto holds approx 11,000 patents!

The American People nor congress has ever voted on this so we can make our own precident!

Please destroy the patents! Please also force monsanto, until it can be tested by a third party not receiving funding from Monsanto or any other GMO company, to stop using these seeds (until they are tested) before they contaminate all our food. Foods that could cause cancer and other problems! 

With the use of terminator technology and natural cross pollination could sterilize the worlds crops.

We are supposed to have a government of the people, by the people and for the people and if we don't want these crops in our food suppy the government has the responsibility to give us what we ask for even if it means monsanto loses its business or money. We need protection!

We need thorough testing on these before they are put in our food supply, but the government decided not to regulate it. Now we demand that they do regulate and test it thoroughly, lable it, and keep monsanto employees and shareholders out of the agencies that are supposed to be regulating them!

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