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The President must appoint a FIST Prosecutor for Pennsylvania, immediately.

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AUGUST 6, 2012 -  FIST Prosecutor Petition:

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Pennsylvania is "rife with corruption", according to a statement by Ralph Nader, who reportedly ranked Pennsylvania as the most corrupt State in the United States, seven years ago. Since then, the conduct of public officials has gotten shockingly worse in the Keystone State.

If the President fails to appoint a Federal Independent Special Transgovernment Prosecutor (FIST Prosecutor) well before the November election (right now would be the best time) then he himself will join the hundreds of thousands of other victims of Pennsylvania corruption, as his own party succumbs to one or more of the many un-Constitutional acts of Pennsylvania government.  The 2014 election depends on one issue: that of JUSTICE.  And the credibility of the US Government needs now to be restored, more than ever. 

In fact, victims of the actions of corrupt people in Pennsylvania government (including the county and local levels) are not confined to Pennsylvania, but are scattered around the United States and found in all parts of the world, including Asia, Europe and Latin America - and most of these good people are Americans, and some are not.  They deserve justice too, of course.  Our international credibility depends on this.

The President, in trying to restore his political fortunes now, needs to be mindful of the fact that his action in adhering to his Oath of Office to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution (especially in terms of Article Four, Section Four, which guarantees to all States a government which abides by the Constitution) is his best political comeback strategy. His failure to appoint a FIST Prosecutor will endanger victims of corruption in Pennsylvania, and deny justice in thousands of instances in which justice delayed is justice denied.

We want to see actions, not endless meaningless rhetoric, from the President - and we cannot wait until after the election of 2014 for the guarantee of Constitutional government in Pennsylvania to be honored.

In fact, there are about a dozen other States which need immediate appointment of their own FIST Prosecutors too, and eventually all States and some Territories should have a FIST Prosecutor - but we need to start with the States at the top of the list - Pennsylvania, Florida, Connecticut, California, and Alabama.

The FIST Prosecutor will fast-track pardon and reprieve requests straight to the President's desk for favorable consideration and immediate action.  Many of these requests have been bungled and mis-handled by the US Justice Department which acted on false information provided and manufactured by the corrupt government in Pennsylvania itself, and by the corrupt connections in the other States mentioned.  Some people say that this problem of injustice is in all 50 States.

The FIST Prosecutor will grant emergency assistance to people who have been victimized, bereaved, slandered, robbed and unjustly brutalized by government in Pennsylvania, and in all these other States;  including innocent people who have had their homes stolen and lives ruined as a result of illegal official action. The FIST Prosecutor will also recommend grounds for investigation of corrupt officials of all types, in Pennsylvania and other States, for violations of Federal laws and the Constitution.

Scott Davis


Committee of 37 Peace Initiative

PO Box 877

Edgmont, PA  19028-0877


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