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Start FBI RICO probes of US courts; Phila., PA City Hall; Rove; & Corbett.

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Philadelphia City Hall was under investigation by the FBI during the Constitution-shredding administration of mayor John Street, and John Street successfully blocked the investigation, in the most massive act of obstruction of justice in US history until that time. (Street was the mayor who tried to show his "great love for culture" by asking people to try to get Frank Sinatra to sing at Penn's Landing - years after Sinatra died - and Street personally ordered a massive contractual destruction of beautiful original music as part of his NTI program. City Hall in Philadelphia has conducted a systematic pattern of brutal, oppressive shakedowns and personal destructions of innocent people, too - and always tried to keep it out of the news). The Republican Party is similarly tarnished, as cabals related to Tom Corbett and Karl Rove continue to infest the party of Lincoln, Eisenhower and Reagan; and subvert the US Constitution in what appears to be culminating in a Fascist vote-rigging effort which must be stopped now. We urge the President, the Vice President, the Senate Judiciary subcommittee, and the Republican nominee for President, to repudiate fascism, support a pardon for Don Siegelman, support the FIST Prosecutor network, and call for an FBI investigation into political racketeering by both corrupt Democrats and corrupt Republicans. The Constitution is on its last legs in the United States. It is time for the President and other prominent political leaders to end the big act called the Patriot Act, and to investigate the con artists who foisted this dictatorship on the American people. It is time for the highest officials in the United States to WAKE UP, OPEN THEIR EYES, LISTEN to the voters, and fulfill their Oaths of Office to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States - indeed to RESTORE the Constitution.

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