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Grant C0NDITIONAL pardons to Pennsylvania Governor & other State officials

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Pennsylvania government today has acquired a reputation as being thoroughly corrupt and unpopular. The approval ratings of the Governor are at an all time low of around 20% or less. Corrupt Government actions and people have caused unsustainable suffering, outrage and loss of confidence in government in Pennsylvania. It is time for the President to offer to Tom Corbett, Jim Cawley and Carolyn Aichele a pardon and reprieve for anything they did during their terms as Governor, Lt. Governor and Secretary of State of the State respectively, ON CONDITION that these three officeholders agree to the following: 1) They all resign immediately, and their replacements will be selected by the President. 2) They are not to remove anything further from their offices or computer files. 3) They co-operate with authorities. 4) They all agree to submit to polygraph questioning on a five day per week basis, for 120 full working days for which they shall all be paid at their current rates of salary, following their resignations from their official posts. 5) They agree never to run for office again or hold any office of public trust. 6) They are to have no further involvement with any computer activity in their official files. 7) Their entire office staff is to resign at the same time. 8) They issue written letters of apology to victims of errors of Government, at the President's request. 9) All three officials may be questioned by members of the public, including attorneys and members of the press, as part of the 120-day polygraphing period. 10) They agree to surrender their passports. 11) Tom Corbett is to turn over the entire range of cases prosecuted under his watch as Attorney General, to Amnesty International, and to the organization which monitors the Helsinki Accords, and to the President's special investigator for pardons and reprieves for victims of prosecutorial misconduct in Pennsylvania. 12) Tom Corbett and his assistants and associated officials involved in prosecutorial misconduct are to be polygraphed for an additional 150 days, at the conclusion of which the President shall grant a pardon and reprieve to Tom Corbett for any crimes which may have been committed during the time he held the office of Attorney General in Pennsylvania, or influenced said office. This is important and necessary in order that the President faithfully execute his Oath of Office.

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