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Legislation Req Mandatory Drug Testing for All Law Enforcement Officers

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If you are like most Americans you assume that all law enforcement officers are drug/ alcohol tested as well as psychologically evaluated as a common sense condition of their employment.

If you are like me you will be appalled to know that most police officers are never drug tested nor psychologically evaluated beyond being hired in your city.


Most Americans submit to drug and alcohol testing as conditions of their employment. Committing to provide samples at random to insure the integrity of the individual as well as the agency that employs that individual.




Our country has dropped the ball on communities by not enacting laws to hold those charged with protecting our communities accountable for their actions, therefore allowing a free for all killing spree of our loved ones free from consequences. 


There is a growing concern over excessive force, Police Brutality, Racial Profiling and ultimately murder by cop of innocent and unarmed Americans all across the United States.

A common headline in the daily news tells a story of an unarmed person being killed by a police officer for reaching for what the officer believed to be a gun.

With so many delusional officers patrolling our streets, fatigued, working long hours. While expecting to keep our city safe, just how safe are our streets?


To many people are dying under suspicious circumstances, while officers are Not following proper protocol, Contaminating Crime Scenes, Ordering Bodies to be removed Without the Coroner Present, Stealing Valuable Evidence from crime Scenes and Planting Evidence to justify Murder.

Officers Such as the ones employed with the Vallejo Police Department have comfortably engaged in such actions as the ones listed above comfortably and on camera One example, following the September 2, 2012 Murder of Mario Romero and Shooting of Joseph Johnson as the two men sat in front of their Vallejo Family home. Police Officer Dustin Brent Joseph Began to fire upon Mario's car before his partner could finish the sentence "put your hands up”. He continued to shoot at two unarmed men, reloading then jumping on top of the hood of Mario's car while continuing to shoot. Playing out a scene from a video game, not conscious of his surroundings...not noticing the men’s family pleading or the lives of their loved ones, Neighbors, women and small children watched as their brother , father and uncle was murdered before their eyes.


 The Police Chief Lied to the media giving the explanation that Mario Romero was a Parolee who was afraid of going back to prison which caused him to pull a face gun on two officers with real guns and unlimited bullets. He did not inform the media that his own subordinate Corporal Stanly Eng, Had Planted the gun that was claimed to be pulled after Mario had been murdered and all recorded on video tape. Or that Mario Romero had never been on Parole nor had he ever been to Prison. On December 11, 2012 Vallejo Police Chief admitted that Officers of the Vallejo Police Department are never drug tested after being hired.




This is a big Liability, Our lives are in danger if we do not demand accountability from officers who are sworn to protect and serve. Police officer's come in contact with drugs and guns as a part of their daily routine. We should be able to know if their integrity has been compromised because no one is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes; We should be able to know if our officers are engaging in compromising activities that may put our lives or the lives of our loved ones in danger.


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