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President Obama, U.S. Congress: Help to end scamming practices of companies!

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Have you been scammed?  Have you gone to a business that has taken your money, promised results and then walked away laughing at you?  Has that company disappeared off the face of the map when you tried to get some of your money back?

This petition stems from the scamming practices of timeshare secondary sales companies that sell timeshares for the current owner. Timeshare companies subject consumers to high pressure sales tactics that convince people that buying it is a good idea. Once the shine wears off the owners find that they have a timeshare worth no money, ever increasing maintenance fees, and that they have no power to end their contracts.

Many timeshare secondary sales companies demand money up front from the current owner, promise results, and then pocket the consumer's cash without selling the timeshare in question.

This is just one instance of such scamming!

Consumers need to be made aware of the success rate of the company for their transaction, how long such a transaction might take for things like timeshare/home sales, and notified that they should search online for complaints on their company prior to any agreements.  Additionally the companies should be required to have the following on their website homepage: the date they started the company, their Better Business Bureau rating; and a “Positive Feedback Index” (such as e-bay’s) where the it lists the number of consumers who have had transactions with their company, the number who voted (as these 2 are not necessarily the same), and how those consumers rated the company.  If at a branch of the business, or for businesses without a home page, this information should be made available and easily accessible to the consumer. Tampering with these data to make the company appear more enticing should be made a felony.   

Finally, individuals who are involved in such scams need to be prevented from just closing up shop and starting up the same thing the next block over- tie their company names, industry types, and Better Business Bureau ratings to the owners social security numbers and deny new business licenses in those industries for repeating scammers.

With the internet as it is today, the United States are more united than ever.  We are petitioning federal officials as this needs to be a policy change on a federal level- HELP US MAKE THIS CHANGE!

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