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Turn Over A New Leaf

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June 10, 2013, 12:34 AM Eastern US time 
President Obama: Turn over a new leaf.  
There are twenty-three things to do. The time has come
to move from press-conference words to actions -
actions which only a President can do, or provide leadership toward.
The Constitutional crisis in which the United States   
now finds itself, is past the point of plausible
deniability. It is more than a scandal or a political
issue. It should be no joy to Republicans to
see a Democratic President of the United States
mired in the troubles we are in now - because these
are the troubles shared by the entire nation, and
by extension, the rest of the world.
The time to do the following to restore American freedom is NOW:
1) Disband and mothball the National Security
Agency, immediately furloughing and sequestering
its employees in an orderly manner, over the following
five months (153 calendar days) effective immediately,
after which time General Alexander will be honorably
relieved of his duties at the end of the year. All similar
agencies in all departments of the Federal Government
will also be disbanded in the same way and on the
same timetable.
2) Effectively abolish the US Office of the Pardon
Attorney by the end of 2013. FIRE RON RODGERS,
first of all.  Then appoint DON SIEGELMAN as US Pardon 
Attorney after commuting his prison sentence and
pardoning him; and instruct him to make of for
lost time  - to triage all pardon requests (whether
pro forma or informally requested at any time during
the past five years) into three categories, and to forward
all such pardons to the appropriate US Senators and
US Representatives and Delegates in Congress:

A) Pardons which cannot be granted due to incipient public
safety concerns; B) pardons which can be granted at
the President's discretion, upon the recommendation
of at least two Members of Congress; and C) pardons
which must be granted due to Government violations
of Federal law or the Constitution in the process of
past prosecutions of the people to whom a pardon shall be
or may be granted by the President. Members of Congress
shall direct their staffers to provide a list of people
qualifying as residents in their respective States or
Congressional Districts, or declaring their intention
to reside in same in the future, who are requesting
pardons from the President; and any such list in
any Congressional office shall, at a time and in a
way best suited to the schedule of each Member of
Congress respectively, be presented to the President
for his consideration for the granting of a Presidential
reprieve, pardon, commutation, and remission of
fine or ancillary financial penalty. The President shall
grant pardons not only in the context of Federal matters,
but State matters as well, whenever it is reasonably
averred that there is a conflict of interest with respect
to the possibility of any Gubernatorial pardon, or
when there is reasonable averrance that the State
has violated the Constitution in the process of
prosecution, or committed abuse of process.  

All Members of Congress shall so instruct everyone
who works as a staffer in their office of the revised
pardoning directives. Highest priority shall be given
to hardship cases, and to instances wherein greater
losses shall be occasioned by the lack of timeliness
in granting of a pardon, especially when such losses
of probable consequence shall be detrimental to the Nation
or have been tangibly or demonstrably detrimental to
the United States.
3) Appoint a new US Attorney General who shall
have five of the following six qualifications:
a) The US Attorney General Designate shall have
performed at least 150 hours of pro bono legal
work as Assistance of Counsel or otherwise
during the past twelve years. The candidate must
be able to present character witnesses to that
effect. The candidate must have successfully
performed in that capacity at least half the time,
with results favorable to the client so represented.
b) The USAGD shall have been a whistleblower
against corruption in Government, in some way,
at some time, in a way in which the USAGD was
at some personal risk.
c) The USAGD shall have gone on public record
as making statements critical in some way of
the current Administration, with these criticisms
to be primarily on cogent and valid grounds.
d) The USAGD shall have gone on public record
at some time during the past five years, making
cogent public statements in support of the
Constitution in contexts in which these defenses
are clearly related to Government violations of same.
e) The USAGD shall have had significant experience in
RUNNING a business, in a context in which the USAGD has
dealt with people - either in management, or
in running a small business, or in teaching, or
in customer relations, or in some other way.
f) The USAGD shall have no conflicts of interest
which can be described as corporate, or
in terms of ever having generated any legally
malicious prosecution against anyone, or
ever having been named in any pro forma way
as an obstructor of justice, by any Member of

Don Bailey, of Pennsylvania, may be the most 
qualified individual who is able to replace
Attorney General Eric Holder.  The President
should appoint Don Bailey as US Attorney General.
He comes closer than anyone else to fulfilling
the above stringent standards.

4) Reinstitute and revive the US Manned Space
Program....with women as well as men to be launched
into space from US territory or from the Line and
Phoenix Islands territories and other islands named in the
Pacific Island Treaties of 1979.  Restart the
Space Shuttle.
5) Order the transfer of all information pertaining
to communications relevant to foreign nationals
which is now in the possession of the NSA, 
transferred to the CIA; and strictly reiterate
and amplify orders that the CIA is to use such
information only to conduct foreign intelligence
operations, including protection of the United
States from foreign cyberespionage. All information
and data related to the communications patterns
of US citizens is to be expunged and destroyed
in this process.
6) Order the FBI to protect Americans  
from foreign cyberespionage threats upon the
request of any US citizen who has a reasonable
suspicion that such an attack has been directed
against them or their business interests.
7) End the US role in the ground war in
Afghanistan, effective by the end of 2013
at the very latest, and WITHOUT FANFARE.
(Note:  This petition was originally written
on June 10, 2013.  This condition has still
not been met by President Obama.)
8) Ban the use of drones in any place under
the jurisdiction of the United States, until Congress
facilitates studies on the question and issues a
report to the Office of the President. This moratorium
shall only be lifted with the advice and consent of
both Houses of Congress, and in the way specified
by Congress, and in conformity with the Third Amendment.
9) Order the US Justice Department to prosecute
anyone in Government who lies or shades the truth
in order to obtain a conviction against an American
citizen who has had a prior clean record. This order
shall cover every such alleged instance of such behavior
dating from noon, Eastern time, on January 20, 2009.
10) Request that every Member of Congress now serving
provide to the President, on their own letterhead, the names
of no fewer than five American citizens who, in the view
of each, are qualified and well-dispositioned toward the
Constitution, and who may be able to work within the
US Justice Department, and in which capacity or for which
office these individuals are recommended, and why.

These individuals will, within the next 12 months, replace 

people now in the US Department of Justice.
11) Abolish the US Department of Homeland Security
by the end of 2013 at the latest; as a unified department.
All divisions of this Department are to reconstitute as
separate Federal agencies reporting directly to the
President, with no interface.
12) Establish a Cybercrime Truth Commission within
the US Justice Department, to which citizens and foreign
nationals within the United States or who have been to the
United States, who have been victimized by cybercrimes
committed against them or their next of kin either by
American officials at any level of Government, or by
contractors working at the behest and under the ordinant
or inordinant power of officials in the United States; may
appeal to directly for recourse, redress or emergency
compensation and emergency disaster relief. The
Cybercrime Truth Commission shall be empowered to
analyze information and forward information so obtained
to the FBI for further action. First priority will be given to
cybercrimes which constitute averrably willful or blatant
and harmful violations of the US Constitution by officials
sworn to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution
of the United States.
13) Terminate any employee in the US Departments of
Agriculture, Commerce, Defense, Education, Energy,
Health and Human Services, Homeland Security,
Housing and Urban Development, Interior, Justice,
Labor, State, Transportation, Treasury and/or
Veterans Affairs, who has ever used Government facilities
to monitor or stalk the activities, speech and behavior of
innocent American citizens through any social media, or to
intimidate or throttle the free speech of any American citizen
- even if the employee in question has been ordered to do
this type of thing by a supervisor.
Amnesty should be granted to all Federal employees who
voluntarily inform their direct and higher supervisors of their
intention to resign from Federal employment within twelve
months of any such directive; after that, any Federal
employees who are known to have conducted such activity,
and who have not taken part in the amnesty program,
should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
Participation in this or any similar amnesty program shall
include an agreement to cease and desist from all such
activity henceforth - an agreement which should also be
constructed in terms under penalties of perjury under
Federal law.
14) Terminate all employees in the US Departments of
Agriculture, Commerce, Defense, Education, Energy,
Health and Human Services, Homeland Security,
Housing and Urban Development, Interior, Justice,
Labor, State, Transportation, Treasury or Veterans Affairs;
who have any ownership stake in any social media
corporation used by Americans to exercise First Amendment
rights. This termination policy shall take effect within the
six weeks following this or any similar order; and any
Federal employee who is found to have committed a
breach of public trust by failure to disclose any such
First Amendment related conflict of interest shall be not
only terminated, but possibly prosecuted for such failure
to disclose relevant conflicts of interest, by terms which
shall be designed in legislation to be drafted into law by
Congress, as Congress shall decide.
15) Order an investigation into petition throttling by Federal 
agencies and departments, including any official who has  
ever represented the United States diplomatically, including
contractors who may have been hired for any such purpose.
This investigation shall also include within its scope 
investigations of foreign governments which have
been found to have conducted espionage within,  
or surveillance of, the United States; in violation of the
Constitution of the United States; and it shall include State
and municipal governments and lower courts. 

The investigation shall be conducted by a  
United States Petition Protection Agency, to  which all
Americans may direct all complaints with respect to
petitions and their electronic throttling.

The Petition Protection Agency shall also protect the
right to peaceable assembly (including all forms of
electronic networking) by anyone in the United States,
which peaceable assembly is inter alia in the context of 
formulating or propagating petitions within the context of
electronic media.
The right to petition within the context of social media is a
First Amendment right protected by law, and the President
must say so, and must declare that the corporate or private
status of social media corporations does not give any
corporation, or its agents or assigns, the right to violate the
First Amendment right to petition Government for redress of
grievances. The word "Government" in the context of
the right to petition includes not only officials, but the
voters and citizens of the United States.
16) The President must declare to Congress that any
quarrel he has ever had with Congress is now in the past;
that whatever legislation the President has introduced or
will introduce to Congress is a matter for Congress to decide
uninfluenced by the President; and that the President shall
henceforth concentrate on managing the Executive Branch
of Government, and shall focus his
energies additionally on conducting foreign policy.
17) The President must announce to the nation that the  
war against educators, which has reached levels of hysteria
tantamount to educational McCarthyism, is at an end.

Any public official who has ever orchestrated or taken part
in any prosecution insubstantially brought against any
non-injurious teacher, under  pretenses of child protection,
will be investigated; and all teachers who have been
harmfully wronged in any such context will be asked to
bring all such matters to the attention of their US Senators
for forwarding to the FBI, which can also exercise its witness
protection responsibilities in all cases where the question
may be legitimately raised, and in cases where witness
protection has been negligently handled in the past.
The FBI shall be directed to protect academic freedom
against cheap-shot onslaughts against educators
which have been conducted under false and/or malicious
disingenuous pretenses of child protection, by recommending
emergency exonerative commutations and pardons to the
President or to the Governor who may (also) have power to
grant same; by working with teachers who have been so
victimized and defamed, and by recommending
the prosecution of any public official known or averred
to have been involved
in any such prosecutorial hoax.
18) The President shall announce a triage approach
to the  War on Drugs. No Federal prosecutorial effort
shall henceforth be prosecutorially initiated, in certain
small-use and harmless situations which are within the
margins of criminalization.
State governments, under Article Four Section Four
Constitutional guarantees of republican form, will be
asked to issue similar directives.  

During this transitional phase, legislation shall be drafted by
Congress,  in order to "triage-down" the War on Drugs to
more reasonable and cost-effective levels, on a permanent
basis - and to focus scarce taxpayer-funded resources on
the most urgent dangers, such as the heroin epidemic
flooding major parts of the United States.

This will include certain Federal types of legalization of uses
and production of marijuana which are conclusively
non-harmful; and marijuana smoking will begin to be
de-regulated toward a level similar to that of regulation
of tobacco; but the harmful use of THC in certain
limited types of prohibitive venues will continue to be
covered by prohibited substance laws.

These prohibitive venues will include the operation of
heavy machinery, certain types of regulated manufacturing
and processing, operation of a motor vehicle or aircraft,
piloting of a boat, conveyance or sale to minors,
Federal sales tax evasion, participation in a surgical procedure,
in a diagnosis or in any operation or supervision of
medical equipment, involvement in any facilitation of human
trafficking,  in conjunction with any current or planned use
of a lethal weapon, or in construction or repair work of any type.

Additionally, the smuggling of marijuana through US Customs
will continue to be illegal under Federal law. However, no
home-invasion or farm invasion or other Fourth Amendment
violation shall henceforth be authorized or further
countenanced in the United States on the basis of suspicion  
of production or cultivation of marijuana; and the licensing of
individuals for medical marijuana use shall be conditionally
facilitated and expedited and protected under Federal law.
19) The President shall request that law-enforcement
officers refrain for 90 days from incarcerating any American
on grounds of having missed child-support payments, and
shall request a general amnesty for child-support payment
violators, to begin immediately, for people who have no
other non vehicular traffic related issue with the law. During the
90-day interim, the President shall propose to Congress that
non-incarcerative ways and means be devised by which
child-support absconders or technical violators may be more 
reasonably dealt with, for the benefit of all; as it makes
absolutely no sense to deprive a man of his livelihood
in order to "teach" him to use his livelihood for the
benefit of his own children.
20) The President shall direct all child protection services
agencies in the United States to return children to their
natural parents whenever possible and desirable, and whenever
no compelling cause can be shown (or continually exists)
for the taking of children from their parents, on a case-by-case
basis and according to an orderly process of Constitutional law.
Accordingly, the President shall request that
Congress make Federal legislation to revise child-protection
procedures imposed by agencies and courts, so that taking a
child from the family is not the first resort but the last; and
no child shall be taken from the family without due process of law
or in the context of unreasonable, unproven or exaggerated
allegations; including allegations which are exaggerated
from within Government.
21) The President shall announce a three year program to
phase out all Federal income taxation on, and filing requirements
for, taxpayers who earn less than $100,000 per year, or who have
earned less than that amount averaged over the past five years.
The Federal income tax on taxpayers in such brackets shall be
replaced with a Federal mercantile sales tax on certain luxury
items which shall be imposed at varying percentages
depending on the class of item, and a Federal mercantile tax
of lesser percentages and including the option of tax
forgiveness at the discretion of the merchant, on items which
are basic necessities of life.
22) The President shall announce his intention to visit
Guantanamo at an unspecified future date, in order to
personally speak with guards, officers and also to
prisoners through interpreters; and to
thereupon issue orders to commanders which
require a more humanitarian policy.
The President shall also request that
Congress assist in the closing of the
detainment camp on the US base.
23) The President shall announce a program to protect
American intellectual property from destruction under color
and from property genocide, a program which is different
than SOPA, and which does not infringe on fair use.
This program shall include ways and means
of protection from foreign espionage ranging from
cyberwarfare to false prosecution of Americans by
foreign nationals or naturalized citizens.
For the purposes of this document, the word "American"
or "Americans", whenever possible or applicable, shall
include not only US citizens, but everyone
lawfully residing or travelling within the jurisdiction
of the United States.
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