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President Obama & The US Congress: We Are Supposed To Be A Democracy Not An Oligarchy!!! Stand Up For The People

Recently Monsanto and other corporations in the agriculture & food industries (Dupont, Bayer, General Mills, Kraft,etc...) have been influencing legislation in regards to their interests and not the public's. We are supposed to be a democracy not an oligarchy. We were told our voices, rights, and concerns were what mattered to our elected officials. Sadly it's becoming more obvious that $$$ is what moves you. Please help dispel the negative stereotypes regarding our representatives and show you will give attention to the majority.

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We Are Supposed To Be A Democracy Not An Oligarchy!!! Stand Up For The People!
Do not allow the people to continue to be used as guinea pigs and make a way to help farmers who did not receive full disclosure on genetically modified (gmo) food.
You are to be representatives of the people who elected you not the special interests of corporations. We are tired of our rights, concerns and fears along with rhetoric being used against us to enact legislation that is passed that benefits a small minority rather than the majority. We are tired of being played like a fiddle with phrases such as “increased cost to consumers”, "they wouldn't approve it if it was unsafe", or “too big to fail” to further the agendas of those whose greed is put ahead of the public's best interest.

For example section 735 of H.R. 933: The Farmers Assurance Provision aka Monsanto Protection Act has been misrepresented to the people. Senator Jeff Merkley wants a repeal while Senator Roy Blunt wants to leave it as is. Both extremes would be unacceptable. While the provision was said to be made to protect farmers who will lose their crops and likely their livelihood due to judicial action against a genetically modified crop ; it has granted the manufacturers of gmo’s to bypass a process for ensuring safety and reduce exposure to a health risk.

We request that a new provision be made that will hold biotech firms accountable and make them compensate the farmers who may lose their crops due to regulatory action against a genetically modified crop that was rushed to market. It is not the fault of the farmers if the manufacturer of the genetically modified misrepresented his product by not disclosing that sufficient long term testing and research were done. The FDA and USDA should also be held accountable for its lack of oversight and regulation.

Then there is the matter of labeling our food. Why do we not have the right to know what is in our food. Despite being told it is safe we still have the right to decide for ourselves if we want to eat gmo food or products. Along with no long term studies there is the issue of possible allergies as well as personal preference. In January 2000 the United States signed an international trade agreement. It states that exporters must be required to label all GM foods and that importing countries have the right to judge for themselves the potential risks and reject GM foods, if they so choose. So why hasn't that been implemented here despite requests from grass root movements and states?

We hope there aren't other issues lurking in the upcoming "Farm Bill" or a future one that will continue to ignore what benefits the people while helping a corporate minority. Be rest assured we will hold you to task on those as well. That's why acting in the interests of the PEOPLE (not big greedy corporations) you represent should always be your priority.