Petition Closed

An overwhelming majority of the American public are against launching an attack against the Syria government. The atrocities inflicted on the people of Syria are unacceptable. This is true.  We know that war is not the answer! War will not solve the problem. Truth is the answer. Non-violence is the solution. We have been in war non-stop since 9-11. Our children have grown up with war. They are all war children. It is time to choose peace. This is truly the action we expect from our President. Lead us with Peace. Do not fall into the trap of war again. There must be an end to war as a solution. Peace is not easy. Peace is the only solution.  We cannot resolve this with actions of war.  We call on you to use all means peaceful to help resolve this conflict.

Letter to
U.S. House of Representatives
President of the United States
Stand Down! No war with Syria!