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Clean-up the tires at the Osborne Reef in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl.

The Osborne Reef is an ongoing environmental damage caused by dumping 2 million tires in the ocean in the 70's. The purpose was to build an artificial reef to increase fish habitat for commercial and sports fishing. The project failed, due to the tires moving and not been secured properly to the ocean ground so fish and corals could use it as a habitat. The movement causes the tires to drift to beaches and damage adjacent reefs. The clean-up in 2009 by Military and Navy was a success and needs to continue through an after-action plan, by giving the military/navy a dual purpose: Use the Osborne Reef as a training facility and slowly but surely finish the clean-up of this neglected invisible mess caused by human error.

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  • President Obama, the Military and Navy

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